Monday, September 25, 2023
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Zimbabwe May Soon Face Dumsor

Electricity shortages that have been plaguing Zimbabwe are set to worsen after an authority that manages the country’s biggest dam said water levels are now too low to continue power-generation activities.

The Zambezi River Authority, which runs the Kariba Dam that is jointly owned by Zimbabwe and neighbouring Zambia, said in a letter dated November 25 that water levels at the biggest hydroelectricity supplier are at a record low and electricity generation must stop.

The letter, seen by news agencies and widely reported in local media, said the Kariba South hydropower station had used more than its 2022 water allocation and that the Kariba Dam’s usable storage was only 4.6 percent full.

The Kariba South hydropower provides Zimbabwe with about 70 percent of its electricity and has been producing significantly less than its capacity of 1,050 megawatts in recent years due to receding water levels caused by droughts.

The Kariba plant has been generating 572 megawatts of the 782 megawatts of electricity produced in the country.




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