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What Twene Jonas Said About Agya Koo Will Surprise You

Twene Jonas, who is well known for being outspoken on social media, responded to Agya Koo once more in a more brutal and merciless way.

In an interview just this week, Agya Koo criticized Twene Jonas for savagely attacking him and his defenseless mother.

Agya Koo voiced his disapproval of Twene Jonas’s sharing of videos of him disparaging Ghanaian authorities in an interview.

Twene Jonas was once his protégé, but after moving to the US, he turned into his sworn enemy and abuses him and his helpless mother whenever he gets the chance, claims Agya Koo.

The political critic was warned to exercise extreme caution because nature will deal with him very soon for his egregious disrespect for elders by the celebrity actor, who sounded extremely hurt by Twene Jonas’ remarks directed at his mother.

We all know that Twene Jonas has insulted virtually every notable person in the nation, and Agya Koo is no exception.

Twene Jonas has intensified his vile attack on the actor in response to this.

Twene Jonas called Agya Koo an “old fool” in a recent video and hurled numerous more repulsive remarks at him.



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