Thursday, September 21, 2023
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University Of Cape Coast Admits 8,721 Students For 2022/23 Academic Year

8,721 students have been accepted by the University of Cape Coast (UCC) to study a variety of programs under the traditional mode of education delivery in the 2022–2023 academic year.

7,836 undergrads and 885 graduate students made up the total.

The statistics were provided at a hybrid matriculation held on Friday on the campus of the University and conducted digitally and in person by UCC’s Pro Vice Chancellor, Prof. Rose­mond Boohene.

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She stated that there were 566 men and 319 women among the postgraduate students, compared to 4,388 men and 3,444 women among the undergraduate students.

The matriculation ceremony was held both physically and online, according to Prof. Boohene, because of the amount of students admitted for the academic year.

She reaffirmed the university’s dedication to always advancing high-quality education.

Prof. Boohene said that the school’s widespread acclaim compelled every student to commit themselves to academic achievement while on campus.

According to her, the lecturers and other staff members are dedicated to making sure the students succeed in their academic endeavors.

She acknowledged that the university faced certain issues with its on-campus residential facilities, but she quickly added that management was dedicated to resolving these issues.

According to the Pro Vice Chancellor, UCC places a great value on students’ education and encourages them to attend classes regularly and treat their studies seriously.

In order to make sure that they receive the appropriate attention in terms of health care and other areas, Prof. Boohene noted that the University management had put the necessary safeguards in place.


She said that several mechanisms had been put in place to guarantee that students have access to quality medical care while they are enrolled in classes on campus.

She advised the students to visit the university hospital and a clinic on campus if they became ill, and she also reminded them to follow all COVID-19 guidelines because the epidemic was still ongoing.

She reaffirmed the university’s commitment to always providing the necessary security and asked the students to take designated routes to and from lectures and other events.



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