Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Uneasy Calm Hits Ghana Police Over Delayed Promotions

The Police Council has received a petition from about 85 police officers regarding delays in their promotions.

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After being given study leave by the Police administration, the petitioners are asking for “academic promotion” because they have earned higher academic degrees.

The police officers claimed that all efforts to persuade the police administration to enroll them in the Police Staff College in order to open a door for their “academic promotion” had failed in a petition signed by their attorney, Ayikoi Otoo.


The petition claimed that it had become customary in the police force for personnel who received official study leave to enroll in the Police Staff College in order to receive “academic promotions.”

“I sincerely request that the police administration opens the doors to the petitioners so that they may enjoy the results of their labor by enabling them to enter the Police College,” the petition stated. “I hereby offer this plea on behalf of the petitioners.”

According to the petitioners, failing to use its discretion in their favor this time would be an example of “arbitrariness, capriciousness, or bias, either by resentment, prejudice, or personal hate towards the petitioners.”

“It has never happened that graduates who took paid study leaves were denied the chance of academic promotions,” they continued.

Given that, it can be inferred that, in accordance with their discretion, the Police Administration has consented and permitted all graduates to enroll at the Police College.

The petition stated that the impacted police officers received paid study leave during the 2017–2018 academic year and that they also executed the necessary five year bond.

The petition claims that the officers requested a “academic promotion” from the Police Administration after completing their respective study programs.

They were all thanked for their accomplishments in return, but the administration said nothing about their promotions other than to note that they were only eligible for administrative, not academic, advancements, according to the petition.



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