Monday, September 25, 2023
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Ten Haag Very Excited Rashford Has Surpassed Ronaldo

Erik Ten Haag gushed over Marcus Rashford as he outdid Cristiano Ronaldo for Manchester United in terms of goals scored in Europe.

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On Thursday, the in-form Rashford scored a thunderous goal to lift United past Real Betis 1-0 and advance them to the quarterfinals of the Europa League, bringing his total for goals in European tournaments to 25.

Rashford has moved up to sixth place in United’s continental scoring rankings, passing Ronaldo in the process.

“You may infer something about the team’s performance from [his form]. It provides information about him “After the game, Ten Hag stated this about Rashford.

He will be in scoring positions and have the capacity to finish if he maintains his focus and ensures that he has the energy, way, and way to play in that system and style.

Moments before scoring, Rashford had a fantastic opportunity to start the scoring, and Ten Hag applauded the United player’s mindset for staying focused and eventually earning his reward.

Ten Hag observed that “the team was creating several chances.” Rashy had had opportunities that he missed, but he maintained his optimism, persevered, and eventually received his reward.

At this level, you don’t create five or six opportunities in a game, therefore one of the two needs to go in, as all good strikers are aware of.

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United are currently awaiting the outcome of Friday’s draw for the quarterfinals of the Europa League.

Potential rivals for Ten Hag’s team include Juventus, Feyenoord, Sevilla, Bayer Leverkusen, Roma, Union Saint-Gilloise, and Sporting CP.



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