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Takoradi Technical University Partners The University Of Trinidad


A three-year Memorandum of Understanding between the University of Trinidad and Tobago and Takoradi Technical University aims to create a framework for cooperation between the two universities and develop their respective missions.

In accordance with the MoU’s specific goal of creating a framework for the growth of engineering, science, technology, and fashion, three TTU employees will have the chance to pursue PhDs in petroleum engineering at the University of Trinidad and Tobago.

The two universities have agreed to support the quality of instruction given to students at their respective schools through the collaborative partnership created under the MoU. The sharing of teaching and laboratory resources as well as cooperative activities and exchanges between teachers, students, and staff are anticipated to help achieve this.

The Dean of TTU’s Faculty of Engineering, Prof. John Bentil, served as a witness, and the Vice Chancellor of TTU, Rev. Prof. John Frank Eshun, signed on behalf of TTU. The President of UTT, Professor Prakash Persed, also signed on behalf of UTT.

In order to achieve the MOU’s goals, UTT is required to develop possibilities for TTU undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral education and research programs to benefit from UTT faculty, facilities, and equipment, and vice versa.

Following dialogue and agreement between UTT and TTU management, the parties are also required to allow the shared use of equipment and support personnel.

Scientists, engineers, and personnel from both universities will have the opportunity to serve as adjunct TTU faculty under the terms of the three-year MoU, which is subject to review by the parties upon expiration.

Once more, the MoU will make it possible for UTT scientists and engineers to work with TTU departments, units, and research centers for one or two semesters in order to support TTU instructional programs and provide unique courses connected to their ongoing research.

The parties will also work together to build laboratories and workshops as well as chances and protocols for training TTU teachers and employees.

Additionally, they must cooperate to recruit prominent scientists and engineers from both domestic and outside to visiting positions at each school.

More specifically, they intend to create opportunities for student exchange, advanced graduate and undergraduate study programs that are jointly sponsored by both institutions and may be located at both locations, a joint post-doctoral research program, other related courses, regularly scheduled informal seminars on collaborative research, and more.

Last but not least, Takoradi Technical University and the University of Trinidad and Tobago will establish articulation agreements for the recognition of courses completed at TTU that meet the academic standards of UTT’s accredited courses, as well as a Liaison/Contact Person from each university for the purpose of putting the activities envisioned in the MOU into practice.

The University of Trinidad and Tobago is a tertiary level institution of higher learning that is legally incorporated under Trinidad and Tobago’s laws. Its functions include training, instruction, research, and the transmission of knowledge.

Nevertheless, Takoradi Technical University is a public institution that offers advanced study in engineering, science, and technology-related fields as well as technical and vocational programs, applied arts, and other relevant fields.



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