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Sorry, I Cannot Go Back To Shatta Wale…. Michy

Showbiz diva Michelle Diamond, aka Michy, has stated that she does not see herself reconciling with her ex-boyfriend Shatta Wale.

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In an interview with Okay Fm, the singer and media personality who is presently promoting her new song titled, Hustle, revealed that she is currently in a new relationship.

She revealed why she can’t get back together with Shatta.

She claimed that her current feelings for Shatta are those of brotherly affection and called her present relationship as pleasant.

I won’t say that I have any nostalgic feelings for the past. We have a child together, so I owe him that attention because our relationship is currently more brotherly. I’ve already showed him a lot of love and attention in public. We won’t act hypocritically and claim that it suddenly vanished. Yes, I have caused some things to age, yet that tiniest hint of sweetness remains. I’m not great, but I’m actually in a great relationship right now,” she admitted.

She also thanked Shatta Wale profusely for sharing a post about her most recent track.

I truly appreciate that post, and I’m glad that we both put aside our differences for the benefit of the child and any potential future company. I praise God that we have been able to put aside our differences and coexist peacefully, she remarked.


Shatta and Michy once had a relationship. In the past, their public displays of admiration for one another generated a lot of media attention. Unfortunately, due to claims of adultery, they were unable to stay together and parted ways.

They haven’t been on friendly terms lately. But things have changed now.



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