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So, How Has Arteta improved Arsenal Through Training?

Not long ago, Mikel Arteta of Arsenal was the target of controversial language about “trusting the process.”

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They hired him in December 2019, making him the third-youngest manager in the Premier League with the league’s youngest club. He is 41 years old. After nine months in charge, Arsenal changed his title to head coach because they believed he was capable of “so much more.”

With the best victory percentage (59.5%) in club history, the Spaniard reached 100 victories earlier this month. This achievement is all the more remarkable in light of Arsenal’s eight-game domestic losing streak in November and December of 2020 and their rocky start to the previous season.

With 10 games remaining in this season, Arsenal is eight points clear at the top of the league after Arteta led them from consecutive eighth-place finishes in his first two seasons to fifth in 2021–22. According to ClubElo ratings, which use results to measure longitudinal team quality, Arsenal is at their highest level yet in the post–Arsene Wenger era.

Via their Inside Training films and Amazon’s All Or Nothing docuseries, the club will obviously be selective in what they show us publicly. Arteta’s training sessions and coaching can be examined, so how has he improved Arsenal so much?



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