Monday, September 25, 2023
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Slow Down On Childbirth, Economy Is Too Hard……. Shatta Michy

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Ghanaian entrepreneur and media personality, Michy Diamond has offered an advice to women to slow down childbirth due to economic hardship.

She emphasizes the importance of considering one’s financial capabilities and only having as many children as one can adequately provide for.

According to ex-fiancée of Dancehall singer Shatta Wale, Michy, she understands the challenges of the current economic climate. Instead of prioritizing reproduction, she encourages individuals to concentrate on working hard to secure a stable and decent livelihood.

Michy spoke on Onua FM with host Osei Felicia about her own motivations for holding off on starting a new family.

“I think that rather than having more children, you should work hard and produce one or two rich kids in a generation rather than having four children, which will make it difficult to pay school fees. The economy is actually incredibly hard right now to have another baby. Therefore, before you become a mother again, make sure you are really stable.

Although she states that she would like to have more children, her main priority is on making wise financial decisions that will enable her to support and care for her future children.

I really want to, but I need to get paid. I am looking and would have more children if God would just grant me the money. I just want to make sure I can give the kids more than they need,” she continued.

In summary, Michy Diamond emphasizes the value of careful family planning and exhorts women to think carefully about their financial conditions and give priority to a safe and prosperous future before they decide to have more children.



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