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Sarkodie Confirms In Throwback Audio That He Slept With Yvonne Nelson Twice

For the first time ever, Yvonne Nelson has admitted publicly that she had an abortion in 2010, following her pregnancy with Sarkodie, a celebrated Ghanaian musician.

This admission was made in the recently released book “I AM NOT YVONNE NELSON” by the honorable actress and film producer.

Yvonne Nelson claims that she was compelled to abort the child because the rapper maintained he wasn’t ready to start a family with her because he had another girlfriend.

The rapper was based in Tema Community 8 at the time, and success wasn’t certain because he was a budding artist.

Sarkodie has come under fire in Ghana for having an affair with Yvonne Nelson in 2010 and refusing to accept responsibility for the pregnancy.

The book, “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson,” was released on June 18, 2023, on Sunday at Peduase Valley Resort. She had a lot of support from the media, friends, and members of the business community.

Following her admissions in her book “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson” that she became pregnant for Sarkodie but that he wouldn’t take responsibility, forcing her to abort the pregnancy, Yvonne Nelson has come under fire for being hypocritical.

But a portion of one of Sarkodie’s tracks from his formative years as a performer has come to light.

Sarkodie acknowledged in the song that he had begged Yvonne Nelson to end the pregnancy and thanked her for not charging him anything for the procedure.

Sarkodie also revealed that their relationship wasn’t really serious because she only had two sexual encounters with the movie actor.

Kindly check out the below audio



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