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Richard Commey Suffers Knockout At The Hands Of Ramirez

On Saturday night at the Save Mart Arena in Fresno, California, in a WBC Junior Welterweight eliminator, Mexico’s Jose Ramirez defeated Ghanaian boxer Richard Commey via 11th-round TKO.

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Ramirez dominated throughout the fight’s latter rounds, focusing on Commey’s body. In the fight’s decisive round, the Mexican scored two knockdowns, the second of which resulted in a full ten count after the Ghanaian took a knee.

Commey lost, dropping to 30-5-1 and becoming winless in his previous three appearances (27KOs). In February 2021, he defeated Jackson Marinez in the sixth round for his final triumph. Since then, he has suffered his second career stoppage loss, followed by a blowout loss to Vasiliy Lomachenko, a tie with Pedraza, and now this defeat.

Ramirez had a lot to prove because the main event was scheduled after he turned down opportunities to defend his former WBC junior welterweight title twice, including pulling out of a match against Regis Prograis, who was the champion at the time.

Commey made it simple for Ramirez because he entered immediately and was eager to exchange. Ramirez continuously forced him to pay upstairs with his right hands. A rally along the ropes was initiated after Commey’s head was snapped back by a left hook. In an otherwise one-sided round, Commey managed a straight right hand that struck Ramirez on the chin.

Throughout round two, Ramirez persisted in his aggressive approach. Commey was still able to sneak in a right hand, but every punch he threw—even the ones that connected—left him vulnerable to Ramirez’s unrelenting body onslaught, which he used to finish the fight by knockout.

Commey was determined to deliver a right hand that would change the game. Before unleashing his overhand rights, the former IBF lightweight champion somewhat deflected Ramirez’s impending blows with his shoulder. The approach didn’t concern Ramirez, who rushed forward to grab the visiting boxer by the ropes.

In round four, Commey’s minor change slightly slowed the pace. Commey was able to block Ramirez’s punches, allowing him to land inside right hands. Ramirez strolled into a right hand and left hook this time after taking the bait. Ramirez drove Commey to the ropes and connected with a set of three hooks downward after Commey ripped a left hook downstairs.

In round five, Ramirez regained a reliable location for his right hand, feeding off the enthusiasm from the audience. Ramirez reacted with a brief volley of body blows when Commey refused to back down.

In the sixth round, both boxers traded blows. Commey flung his as he moved backward in the fight, fearing that he may get pressed up against the ropes. Ramirez’s power shot along the ropes was blocked by Commey, who moved the action to the middle of the ring. Ramirez changed up his approach and was successful in landing right uppercuts.

After a tightly contested first half of the fight, the pace of the action slowed in the seventh round, which was to be expected. Ramirez preserved some of the round’s finest plays for the very end. In round eight, as the action ramped up a little, Commey defended his long jab while Ramirez intermittently threw. Neither made a significant hit until Ramirez scored at the end of the round with a combination.

In round eleven, Ramirez fundamentally and irrevocably altered the fight’s course. Commey became shaky after receiving a right hand from Ramirez and fell to the ground. Before permitting the fight to resume, referee Jack Reiss called the traditional eight count and evaluated the downed boxer.


Commey squeezed Ramirez before they both went to the ground because he was still not able to organize his thoughts. Before allowing the bout to continue, Reiss gave it some more time to pass while he made sure both boxers were okay. Ramirez deflected a right hand from Commey and smacked him in the body with a left hook. Commey was had to take the whole ten count while on his knees.



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