Monday, September 25, 2023
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Rev Obofuor Pokes Rev Adom Kyei With Fresh Allegations

Due to their persistent self-attacks, Rev. Obofour and Prophet Stephen Adom Kyei Duah, two gospel pastors from Ghana, have been making headlines online for months.

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Rev. Obofour exposes Adom Kyei Duah, saying, “We met in 2014, you brought 4 eagle legs, and Sabroso and I preformed ceremonies for you.”

“We met in 2014, and Sabroso and I performed rituals for you. You brought 4 eagle legs.” Adom Kyei Duah is exposed by Rev Obofour.

Adom Kyei Duah challenges Rev. Obofour, “You came to me, pleaded for large money, and drank my Sobolo,” and exposes him.

The argument began when Rev. Obofour cryptically referred to the head of the Believers Prayer Center in Philadelphia, also known as Second Chance Church or Philadelphia Temple.

Only Adom Kyei Duah, in the opinion of Reverend Obofour, acts as an oracle sent from God.

Sobolo is a copy of the ‘Yesu Mogya’ miraculous object that Reverend Obofour claims to have replicated.

The leader of the Anointed Palace Chapel (APC) has been seen on his television channel ridiculing Adom Kyei Duah subtly several times.

In response, Prophet Adom Kyei Duah chastised Rev. Obofour for using his name in any upcoming televised assaults.


Adom Kyei Duah said how Obofour had visited him and begged for a sizable loan, taking advantage of the opportunity to taste his infamous “Sobolo” in turn.

After some time has passed, Rev. Obofour of the Anointed Palace Chapel has clapped back to say that Adom Kyei Duah was once his best friend—until things started to go wrong.

Rev. Obofour described in a live stream how he once performed certain lethal rites for Prophet Adom Kyei Duah to attract more church members in 2014. He utilized the four legs of an eagle and Sabroso oil.

Thus, Rev. Obofour warned Prophet Adom Kyei Duah to grab the fire lest additional lethal secrets emerge since they had met 11 times for serious discussions before their friendship soured.



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