Monday, September 25, 2023
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Prof Ato Essuman Calls For More Funding For Free SHS

The free Senior High Schools (SHS) program is underfunded, according to Professor Ato Essuman, Chairperson of the West African Examinations Council (WAEC), which has become a significant difficulty for most institutions.

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According to him, the financing of SHS in the nation has turned political, and this may unintentionally affect how kids develop and acquire skills in the classrooms.

Prof. Essuman questioned how funding and resources are dispersed to schools to support the development of students in schools when speaking at a session called “Achimota Speaks” with the theme, “The Governance, Management, and Funding of Secondary Education in Ghana.”

“A significant issue facing school administration is the lack of adequate sustainable funding for secondary education. Unfortunately, decisions regarding the funding of education have become overly politicized.

Additionally, he continued, “with the introduction of free SHS, spending on secondary education has become more politicized than ever.”

He claimed that the present free SHS program was burdened by difficulties in skill development and a lack of funding.

Prof. Essuman urged the government to evaluate the nation’s secondary school policy and address all of its problems as a result.

He issued a warning that more money needs to be put into education in order to get secondary schools the proper and necessary resources to boost skill development that would support economic growth in the near future.


Professor Ernest Aryeetey, a former vice chancellor of the University of Ghana and the head of the Old Achimota School, presided over the discussion (OAA).




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