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Pharmaceutical Giant, Bliss GVS Donates To Ho Teaching Hospital

A Ghanaian pharmaceutical business named Bliss GVS Pharma has contributed $100,000 worth of antimalarials and other necessary medications to the Ho Teaching Hospital.

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The gift was made in order to support the hospital’s efforts to fight malaria across the nation.

Mr. Kwame Kumi, a representative of Bliss GVS Pharma, made the gift on the organization’s behalf.

He declared that the business is committed to improving healthcare with top-notch drugs and that it is an honor to assist Ghana in its fight against malaria.

According to Mr. Kwame Kumi, the business also distributes pharmaceuticals and other crucial healthcare items throughout Ghana and other African nations.

The donation was accepted on behalf of the hospital by Mr. Wisdom Adzaku, Pharmacy Manager, Internal Medicine SubBMC, Ho Teaching Hospital. He thanked Bliss GVS Pharma for the kindness and said it would be very helpful to the hospital in providing high-quality treatment to the residents of Ghana’s Volta Region.

Malaria is a major public health challenge in Ghana, with approximately 10 million cases reported each year. HO Teaching Hospital is one of the major healthcare facilities in the Volta region and provides medical services to a population of over 2 million people. “Medicine donations will help in the fight against malaria and other diseases”, he added.

Also, Mr. Wisdom Adzaku guaranteed that the medicines would be distributed to those in need so they could conveniently get high-quality medications.

The donation comprised artemisinin-based combinations such the LONART series, P-ALAXIN, and GSUNATE.

With the “ACT FOR AFRICA” initiative, Bliss GVS Pharma Ghana is influencing the Ghanaian health sector and its citizens by giving them with essential health information, education, and easy access to medication.


The donation was honored by the presence of Dr. John Tampouri, CEO of Ho Teaching Hospital, Mr. George Tetteh, Director of Administration, Mr. Hanson Torde, Hospital Administrator, Internal Medicine SubBMC, Dr. John Korbuvi, Director of Pharmacy, Mr. Wisdom Adzaku, Pharmacy Manager, Internal Medicine SubBMC, and other hospital staff.

In this regard, the firm also conducted a health lecture at the Ho Nurses Training College to instruct the students on personal cleanliness and malaria prevention. The company’s main objectives are to change people’s lives, make an impact on society, and improve the level of living for Ghanaians.




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