Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Over 500 Prison Office Assistants Recruited For Training

The first batch of Prison Office Assistants (POA) has commenced training at the Prison Officers’ Training School in Ankaful in the Central Region.

The 500 personnel are part of over 2,000 young people being recruited across the country to support the prisons Service deliver on its mandate of transforming inmates into socially acceptable characters suitable for  reintegration and conducive cohabitation in society.
The initiative is a partnership between Youth Employment Agency (YEA) and Ghana Prisons service.

At a ceremony to officially commence training, Deputy Chief Executive of YEA in charge of operations, Alhaji Bashiru Ibrahim admonished the trainees to show commitment, dedication and love as they train to become part of one of the highly-rated disciplined institutions.

Speaking on behalf of Kofi Baah Agyepong, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of YEA, Alhaji Ibrahim observed that many a time, some people wrongfully perceive prisons as a place where condemned members of the society are kept.

In as much as it may appear so, he stated that it is the responsibility of   society to help change convicts into new characters suitable for conducive co-habitation in society.
Alhaji Ibrahim pointed out that a modern prison is not just a place for custody but a place to reform, rehabilitate social deviants and reintegrate them into the society.

“It is my understanding that this training is tailored to achieve just that,” he added.
The Deputy CEO of YEA assured participants of a novel arrangement with the leadership of the Prisons Service, to absorb all Prison Office Assistants into their mainstream the service, after they have successfully served their two years contract with the YEA as part of the exit plan.

According to him, the exit plan is a super strategy instituted by the management of YEA to find permanent jobs for beneficiaries.

On behalf of the Director General of the Prisons Service, the Director of Human Resources congratulated the new recruits for making it through all the processes that qualified them to participate in the training to become Prison Office Assistants.

He assured that the trainers will instil maximum discipline, dedication and service in the personnel to the country dutifully.

As a key stakeholder of the Criminal Justice System of Ghana contributing to the maintenance of internal security by maintaining an efficient, humane, and safe reformatory penal system operated within the laws of Ghana, it is expected that the personnel will work with vigilance, fortitude, and integrity while helping in the reintegration of ex-convicts into society.

Central Regional Director of Sarah Afful, stated that the second batch of recruits are expected to begin training after successful application and shortlisting.



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