Monday, September 25, 2023
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Oboy Siki Says He Will Die In 2024

Actor Oboy Siki from Kumawood has stated his intention to pass away in 2024 once more.

He believes that God has given his death permission, and he is therefore optimistic that it will occur in 2024.
He admitted in an interview that he chose to foresee his demise because he did not want anyone to claim responsibility for having predicted or brought about his passing.

I can recall the names of roughly 20 people who couldn’t make a life in the film industry when I first started criticizing it. So I prayed to God asking Him to give me this age to pass away. I had a dream that God had permitted my demise. So, the idea of death has been weighing heavily on my mind, he said.

Pastors and Ghanaians will claim credit for my death and accuse me of being cursed or killed if I am careless and pass away. That is untrue, though. Only God has the authority to take someone’s life.

“I mentioned it because I didn’t want them to steal the show, but I’m not getting the response I was hoping for.

“I believe I must die because of this. If I live until 2024, I’ll make plans for who will handle the burial and other essential preparations. So before I die, I’ll coordinate everything that needs to be done, he continued.

He stated in April 2023 that he intended for his time on earth to end in 2024. He now claims that God has agreed to fulfill his dream.



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