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Not Every Woman Can Date Me… Kwame Eugene

Kuami Eugene, a Lynx Entertainment signee, has said that any woman who wants to be with him needs to have a thick skin because his line of work necessitates a lot of interaction with women.

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He recognized that the situation can lead to misunderstandings, especially if his boyfriend witnesses him with other women, thus he has made the decision to maintain his single status.

You expect me to flaunt you, but when I don’t, it hurts you occasionally. When I hang out with this person or that, it hurts you even more, and I don’t want to subject anyone to that. I already know that dating me will be incredibly challenging. To date me, you ought to have thick skin, he remarked.

Kuami Eugene recently stated on Lynx TV’s “Stripped,” hosted by Sika Osei, that he is very convinced that while his girlfriend may be liked, she would also experience criticism and rejection from other women who are competing for her attention.


“Everyone in a relationship wants to have one person to themselves, but doing so will require making some compromises because other people won’t just let you have me to yourself.

“They won’t give you the option of keeping Kuami to yourself. You’ll face a lot of hostility, and people will come after you and hurt you, he warned.

The 2020 VGMA Artiste of the Year winner acknowledged that there was a chance that rumors would be disseminated by people in an effort to confuse others. As a result, she resolved to remain unmarried in order to spare no one the emotional strain.

I Feel Good, the third track from EMPIRE’s new compilation album Where We Came From, was released by Kuami Eugene in December 2022.



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