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Nogokpo Cursing Me Will Be A Big Mistake….. Bishop Agyinasare

In a recent sermon that has since gone viral, Archbishop Charles Agyinasare addressed the standoff between him and the Nogokpo township once more.

The founder of Perez Chapel International issued a strong warning, urging anybody who dared to curse men of God to cease from doing so because they would not be spared by God Himself.

The sermon, which sparked new discussions online, also clarified the current media attention that the rivalry has received.

Recall that the Archbishop previously referred to Nogokpo as the “demonic headquarters” of the Volta Region during a church program in May.

The Volta Region’s demonic administration is located in Nogokpo. We had only hinted at it, but on the second night, I forced Bishop Yaw Adu to discuss witchcraft, and together with him, we denigrated witches and wizards. The tyres on the car blew out from under it as we were traveling from Aflao to Agbozome, according to Bishop Yaw Adu’s four-wheel drive, Nogopko.

His remarks generated debate and received a strong response from the Nogokpo council of elders.

The council had given the Archbishop two weeks to comply with their request that he appear before them to answer the specific remarks he made concerning their group.

Archbishop Agyinasare claimed that he was taken aback by how frequently talks about him took up space on social media.

“Can you imagine that for three weeks, Archbishop Agyinasare was the topic of discussion in Ghana on all the issues we face. Archbishop Agyinasare, Archbishop Agyinasare, Archbishop Agyinasare was everywhere you looked on social media for three weeks, he exclaimed.

The Archbishop said, quoting from the biblical account of Abraham, “The blessing of Abraham, I will make your name large so that you can be a blessing… And I will bless those who bless you as well as curse those who do the opposite. So if you curse me after I become a Christian, you’re wrong.

It appears that the Archbishop mostly utilized his speech to emphasize his position on the subject, and it is unclear how Nogokopo will handle the coming challenges.



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