Sunday, October 1, 2023
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No One Is Above The Laws Of Ghana…. McDan

Dr. Daniel McKorley, the chief executive officer of the McDan Group of Companies, has responded to the Accra High Court’s decision to sentence him for contempt.

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A fine of GH40,000 was imposed on him by the High Court (General Jurisdiction), which was presided over by Justice Kweku Tawiah Ackaah-Boafo, a Judge of the Court of Appeal, serving as an additional High Court judge.

The applicant in the case, who claimed McDan had forcibly seized the land in question, should get GH15,000 of that amount, the court ruled.

Dr. Daniel McKorley commented on the situation and said he has the utmost respect for the court and the judiciary as a whole.

He said that it was not a conscious effort on his behalf to elude the court, but rather that his hectic schedule was the cause of his contempt.


I have nothing against the court’s ruling or the court itself. In reality, I have complete faith in our legal system and the highest regard for the nation’s judges.

Despite the fact that the court has made a ruling in the matter, I’m not above the law, and I want it known that the contempt was not on purpose because I had a hectic schedule and some of these issues hadn’t been adequately brought to my attention, he added.

He claimed that this breakthrough will help him organize his time more effectively and that it also demonstrated the effectiveness of the legal system, which ensures that if you break the law, you will be held accountable regardless of your character.



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