Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Nigeria Musicians Are Filling Large Stadiums Whiles Ghanaians Are Filling Pubs….. Ras Kuuku

Ras Kuuku, a reggae-dancehall musician, has offered his opinion on the reasons why Nigerian musicians have outperformed their Ghanaian counterparts in terms of global success.

Ras Kuuku discussed the value of the networks and connections that Nigerian artists have, which outweigh the current infrastructure accessible to Ghanaian musicians, on Property FM in Cape Coast with host Amansan Krakye.

Everyone in Africa is contributing to the songs and making music videos, but the most important thing is how you push them to get heard, he said.

The VGMA award-winning artist noted that Nigerian musicians have an unmatched support network and chances.

The Nigerian artists’ plugs and the way and style in which they perform their works differ from what we do in Ghana, he continued.

He admitted that strong networks and powerful people that actively support and elevate their artists on a worldwide level are beneficial to the Nigerian music business.

Ras Kuuku said that these links and plugs give Nigerian singers significant exposure and enhanced possibilities of success in other markets.

Ras Kuuku regrettably noted that Ghanaian musicians do not enjoy a comparable level of backing and support.

He further stated that Ghanaian musicians are unable to achieve the same level of international exposure because the plugs at their disposal are not as powerful or linked.



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