Thursday, September 21, 2023
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NDC Cannot Match NPP In 2024 Polls… Addai Nimoh

A former Member of Parliament for Mampong and an aspiring flagbearer of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Ing. Francis Addai-Nimoh, has stated the NPP stands the chance of clinching victory ahead of the 2024 general elections than the opposition National Democratic Congress.

He said the good people of Ghana will tip the scale in favour of the NPP, but stressed that it would be based on certain contingency measures that the NPP would ‘break the eight’, and be awarded a new mandate

The former Mampong legislator said this yesterday when he officially announced his intention to contest the upcoming NPP flagbearer race.

Contingent measures

Mr Addai-Nimoh noted that a key requirement is to ensure internal unity within the party. That, he indicated, would mean providing all members a reason to feel “at home” and to be proud to be part of the party.

“This, my friends, will maximize our strength for the political task at hand for 2024.  To achieve this, I urge all regional leaders and party officers in various positions to foster unity amongst the rank and file of our party members. We can certainly learn from the lessons of certain painful outcomes we experienced with the 2008, 2012 and 2020 elections, which frankly caused our party to suffer as a result of disunity,” he advised.

He further indicated that improving and consolidating the performance of the current NPP-led government will elicit Ghanaian’s trust.

“Indeed, the government’s performance, in my opinion, is the main deciding factor in the minds and hearts of Ghanaian voters. It has a huge impact on the outcome of elections again as we witnessed this in the 2000, 2008 and 2016 general elections. I therefore strongly encourage the Akufo-Addo led administration to work relentlessly to address the most pressing socio-economic challenges that are now caging the country,” he added.

Mr Addai-Nimoh further stressed the need to allow all NPP delegates to assess each aspirant in order to select the most suitable person to lead the party as its presidential candidate.

“It is therefore critical that the selection process be duly respected. More on this point later. Given these three conditions, we have come to the conclusion that a roadblock would be inadvertently created for ourselves, as a party, if the NPP delegates decide to choose a face that recognizably may be caught in the so-called “fatigue web,” he stated.

Idea lacking NDC

Mr Addai-Nimoh added that the NDC had sufficiently communicated its readiness to simply “snatch” power come 2024, with no clear and viable ideas as to how to make each Ghanaian attain a better life.

He, however, observed that the situation places the minds of voters – the undecided in particular – at the crossroads in their political decision in this next election.

“Some voters have even emotionally declared that they may choose not to exercise their civic responsibility in December 2024. But, I believe that the proposed programme we have carefully crafted over the last year to truly serve the country, which I’m announcing today on behalf of our growing team of talented and truly caring individuals, from all regions throughout Ghana, will tip the scale in favour of the NPP,” he reiterated.

The would-be presidential aspirant said the 2024 elections, while it is primarily a Ghanaian affair, will also signal to the world how consolidated and lasting the country’s democratic experiment truly is.

“I am particularly focused on the task at hand, and I believe in on our abilities as a people to pass the test. Together, we shall prove that we have the innovative spirit within our party to serve our beloved country once again,” he noted.

He assured the rank and file of the party that his team is fuelling a growing movement, a robust NPP leadership that will renew the party to lead the country on a trajectory of prosperity for all!



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