Monday, September 25, 2023
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Music Is Far Better Than University Degree…. Yaw Tog

Rapper Yaw Tog from Ghana recently declared that he will put his studies on hold while he focuses solely on his music career.

Yaw Tog stated that he thinks his music will allow him to make more money than getting a college degree would during an interview with Kumasi-based Hello FM.

Tog assertively said, “University won’t give me the means to support myself in life.” “I’ve planned my life so that I can start earning money before going to college. Who will be responsible for paying for my tuition if I enroll now?


Tog’s decision is not unique; in recent years, more and more young musicians have chosen to put their professions ahead of seeking further education. There are a number of causes behind this pattern.

First off, the music business is now incredibly lucrative, especially with the introduction of streaming services. Musicians now have the chance to connect with a worldwide audience and make a good living from their art.

Only time will tell if Yaw Tog’s decision to put his schooling on hold will result in what he wants.



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