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Mum Always Said She Conceived Me By Mistake… Yvonne Nelson

The Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson has spoken about some of the hurtful things her mother, Madam Margaret said to her when she was younger.

According to these upsetting memories provided by Yvonne in her biography, “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson,” Madam Margaret’s third child, who has still not revealed who her father is, has not always been the best mother.

Yvonne Nelson claims that occasionally, her mother would bluntly inform her that she was conceived by “mistake.”

“My mother used to tell me that she had accidentally given birth to me when she was mad at me and genuinely intended to hurt me. She understood my emotions every time she uttered it. She was aware that she was poking a pointy nail into my heart. She seemed to truly want to hurt me. She might have just been telling the truth. She did, however, inflict a permanent wound on my spirit, which served as a continual reminder that something was wrong with me, according to the author.

Yvonne claims that hearing such comments from her own mother made her feel “terrible about my existence.”

I can’t fathom ever being furious with my daughter and telling her that, she continues. Furthermore, I don’t believe any youngster deserves such psychological abuse for whatever reason. But those statements and the narrative that supported their authority repeatedly served as a reminder to me that I was neither wanted nor valued.

The honorable actress and producer also reveals that when her mother initially learned she was expecting her, she intended to have an abortion; however, the doctor who was supposed to do the procedure changed his mind just in time.

“My mother informed me that she didn’t want to have me when she got pregnant, so she went to the doctor to have the pregnancy terminated. (My mother informed me that the physician who saved my life is still alive, but she could not identify him or the hospital where he practiced.) Six months into her pregnancy, she made that choice. The doctor concurred, and she paid the fees on the scheduled day, making the abortion possible. When the doctor was about to start the procedure, he shook his head as the patient lay on the operating table with her legs lifted.

“I can’t do this,” the doctor told her. “If you really want to do it, go somewhere else. I’m sorry I can’t do it,” she narrates.

“She gave up on the plan after being overcome by anxiety and the shock of the doctor’s abrupt change of heart. But she didn’t forget how I made it through. And anytime she felt the need, she made sure to remind me. It’s true that she had me inadvertently. That story’s specifics are still too vague to be incorporated into anything substantial. But it’s clear that if she had decided whether she wanted to retain me or get rid of me sooner, I might have ended up as a piece of medical garbage,” the woman continues.



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