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Mfantsiman Girls Students Get Training On Personal Core Values

To ensure that students of Mfantsiman Girls Secondary School have a positive mindset and attitude toward their academic achievements, a day’s personal development planning (PDP) seminar has been organized for the students.




The seminar, organized by Strategy Dynamics Consult in collaboration with the Old Students in the United States, was aimed at facilitating participants to create their personal development planning for excellent performance in their academics through a strategic planning process.

It was also to lead, guide and facilitate participants to consciously develop a clear academic vision, mission, personal core values, and termly objectives for steady performance in their academics.

Speaking exclusively to about the project, the head of Academics at Mfantsiman Girls, Madam Faustina Nana Stephens said it is the aim of management to ensure that students in the school have the right mindset to attain the highest academic excellence

She hinted that the project will be incorporated into the orientation programmes for new students in the coming years.

“In fact, I’ve not done any long-term plan with it, but the idea is to start with this group and maybe the subsequent years as form ones as come, we use it as part of orientation and at least we’re hoping that five to six years we should see that change because it’s attitude and attitude takes a bit longer the time to see it to be positive.” She continued.

 Lead Consultant and Facilitator at Strategy Dynamics Consult, Mr. Daniel Dzathor, on his part stated that one of the critical factors contributing to low performance of students in academics is lack of personal focus.

He indicated that personal development planning helps students stay focused because once they are able to set their core values and objectives, it helps the students shape their attitudes and conducts.

Mr. Dzathor further stated that a yearly feedback and reinforcement programme will be implemented to strengthen students’ commitment to a steady academic performance.

The Training

Each student was given a personal development planning workbook to clearly define their personal vision and establish realistic values and tasks to attain their vision.

It is to also help them make informed decisions and choices to determine where they will be in the future and use available time and resources more effectively by focusing on key priorities.

The students were guided to consciously develop a clear academic vision, mission, personal core values, and termly objectives for steady performance in their academics.

Some of the students shared what they learnt during the seminar.

One student said “I learnt that one of the values is you being prayerful and another is you being determined and it has really, really built my confidence. I learnt how to combine many activities.”

Another student emphasized saying “I’ve learnt to be prayerful and I learnt how to achieve my vision.”

And a third also shared saying “I learnt how to be self-disciplined and to build the capacity to be a visionary leader in future.”



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