Monday, September 25, 2023
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Mahama Begs For Peace In Gonjaland

In the traditional Soo and Wasipe communities in the North East and Savanna Regions, respectively, former president John Mahama is pleading with the locals to put an end to the fighting.

The former president urged the two towns to focus their efforts on reducing poverty and hardship in a statement.

“I have learned of recent conflicts between Gonja and Mamprusi villages along a contentious border between the Soo and Wasipe traditional territories in the North East and Savanna Regions, respectively, with regret and deep disappointment.

These hostilities, which are the result of disagreements over conventional jurisdictional problems, have caused property damage and fatalities. It’s unfortunate,” said Mr. Mahama.

Gonjas and Mamprusis have coexisted peacefully for ages and have grown closer through intermarriage and other social ties to become family,” he continued. Instead of turning to violence at the smallest provocation, we must make an effort to coexist peacefully and use nonviolent techniques to resolve conflicts.

According to the former president, the problems that bring both populations together must outweigh those that divide them.

I implore the people of Soo and Wasipe to focus their efforts on battling poverty and deprived living conditions because these two things are our common foes.

“I call for the urgent intervention of the Overloads of Mamprugu and Gonjaland and the Paramount Chiefs of the Soo and Wasipe Traditional Areas to restore calm and deploy time-tested traditional and peaceful means to resolve the dispute,” said Mr. Mahama.

He additionally urges the North East and Savanna Regional Security Councils to act quickly to end the crisis and bring about peace in the region, as well as the Ministers for Chieftancy, National Security, and Interior.

I’m ready to help in whatever manner I can to bring about enduring peace in Mamprugu and Gonjaland, so let me assure my brothers and sisters there,” the former president continued.



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