Monday, September 25, 2023
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Junior High Student (JHS) Ruthlessly Beaten Over Ghc 50 Theft

A Koforidua Sarkodea Basic A student in his first year of junior high school (JHS) has been physically abused by his parents for allegedly stealing GHC 50.

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To stop his agony, the child, Samuel Agyei Tawiah, is alleged to have compelledly admitted to stealing the money.

The student, who experienced maternal loss at birth, has been living with his aunt and her husband, who are accused of abusing him.

Our reliable sources at the school said that the boy’s guardians severely beat him with an iron rod after accusing him of stealing the money, causing significant scars around his left eye.

Sensing danger, the kid suddenly acknowledged to the theft, saying the money had been delivered to a fellow student. This forced the boy’s guardians to register him at the school. However, when they got at the school, they were unable to locate the purported recipient of the money, a pupil.

In front of the school’s professors and kids, the guardians attacked him after becoming upset by such action and beat him once more.

When the guardians allegedly threatened the teachers for trying to step in, the teachers called the police, who arrived to take the student and his guardians to the police station.



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