Monday, September 25, 2023
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IGP To Submit Himself To Atta Akyea Committee Tomorrow

The chairman of the parliamentary ad-hoc committee, Samuel Atta Akyea, recently provided an update on the investigation into the reported conspiracy to depose the Inspector General of Police (IGP), noting that Dr. George Akuffo Dampare, the IGP, has been called to testify before the committee on Tuesday, September 12.

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This invitation is intended to provide the IGP with the chance to explain his side of the events in light of the significant accusations that have been made against him, including the staging of the tape and the subsequent disclosure.

The officers who have already testified before the committee, Chief Daniel Bugri Naabu, Supt. George L. Asare, (COP) George Alex Mensah, and Supt. Emmanuel Eric Gyebi, will also appear again on Tuesday accompanied by their respective attorneys.

In order to protect sensitive material that can endanger national security from being made public, Chairman Atta Akyea has emphasized that the hearing will be held in secret.

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Some significant accusations have been made in public, but the details of those accusations have not been made public, he continued. That is to say, we will investigate the evidence that supports such claims, therefore we will use our judgment about which piece of information we release to the public without endangering national security.

Additionally, the chairman made it clear that the committee had no plans to remove the present IGP or name a new one.
He emphasized once more that the essential goal is to make sure that the IGP receives a fair trial and a chance to vindicate his name.

When questioned about when the hearing would be made public, Chairman Atta Akyea suggested a three-hour wait.

He said, “I think that when the public needs to enter the area, why not? But we have to keep the public out when it is alarming that what is happening is bad for national security.

The committee’s chairman, Atta Akyea, concluded by expressing his confidence that the IGP would accept the invitation to attend the hearing. He highlighted his opinion that the IGP would want to take advantage of the chance to defend his reputation.



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