Thursday, September 21, 2023
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I Took My Musical Break To Reflect On Life…. Nero X

Ghanaian singer and songwriter, Nero X, has disclosed his reason for taking a long break from the music scene.

According to him, he started making back-to-back hits from 2014 down to 2020 but decide to take a break during the pandemic.

Speaking to Akua Sika on the Happy Evening Drive, Nero X said, “I actually took that break for myself and to reflect on myself, my life, family, explore other things, learn and do other stuff. So, it was just a two-year break for myself and it was personal.”

He furthered that while on the break, he realized a lot of people missed him, and although he was on a break he was still recording and doing music on the low.

“But now I’m back bigger and better and the plan is to just release the songs I’ve recorded already and also, this year is an album year for me because I’ve worked hard so people should look forward to it,” he mentioned.



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