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Hon Francis Xavier Sosu Wins Case Against Ghana Police

Francis-Xavier Sosu, a member of parliament representing Madina, has been released by the Kaneshie District Court.

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The MP was found not guilty due to insufficient evidence in his trial for allegedly impeding a highway and causing property damage.

After the lawmaker organized a protest against the bad condition of the roads in his district in October 2021, the Ghana Police Service opened criminal proceedings against him.

The Madina MP resisted being taken into custody during the demonstration because he thought it was unlawful because he was en route to Parliament.

Speaking to the media following his release, Mr. Sosu expressed his gratitude that the trial resulted in his favor.

“I am incredibly grateful to God for guiding me through this difficult time, including the police effort to arrest me that sparked numerous controversy and security issues. It’s been a very difficult period. Institutions may pursue you at times if you demand proper treatment. I give thanks to the Speaker of Parliament, my attorneys, associates, and constituents.

It also supports my claim that the police’s approach was intentional and designed to obstruct his ability to do his job, the man added.
The police attempted to arrest the MP because Mr. Sosu was in charge of a demonstration that, according to the authorities, involved some illegal behavior.

Mr. Sosu claims that on the day of the protest, cops beat him up.

As a result, he lodged a complaint against two police officers in Parliament.

Although the police have denied that there was an attempt to arrest the MP in the church, there were also police personnel there to make the arrest.

The Madina MP was not released for questioning after another request from the police was rejected by the Speaker of the House.

As a result, the police were forced to issue Mr. Sosu a criminal summons.



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