Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Hon Darkoa Newman Supports 200 Students At Thomas Clegg Methodist Church Methodist

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Okaikwei South has supported 200 needy senior high and tertiary students in the Constituency.

Madam Dakoa Newman extended the support through, her ” MP’s Financial Support to Students” initiative on Thursday, February 2, at the Reverend Thomas Clegg Methodist Church at Kaneshie.

The annual support for needy students in the Okaikwei South Constituency is in its second year.

In 2022, a total of 150 students benefited from the MP’s gesture. However, the number has increased to 200.

After the ceremony, Madam Dakoa Newman addressed the media and stated that her goal is to make sure that no student is prevented from continuing their education because of financial constraints.

“As we do every year, today we have met here to support basic school students with academic materials and also support them with their fees and feeding needs, so they can focus on their books and learn hard and get the good grades needed of them.

The MP continued by saying that her organization provided financial support to 150 persons, largely students, last year. This year, she decided to boost the number of beneficiaries to 200 because the number of needy students in need of assistance is continuing to rise.

She said, she has  plans of tying the financial support to the results of these students “so that excellent students would receive double of the financial support they have received toady,”  This move, the Law maker disclosed, would motivate them (beneficiary students) to take their studies very serious while encouraging others to also study hard to be able to benefit from such educational support.

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Speaking to some of the students who had benefited from the initiative, they said it had been of great importance to them financially as they were able to pay their fees and other things they needed to take care of financially.

They also thanked the MP and asked her to keep up the excellent work because they would always stand behind her.



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