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Here Are 5 Signs A Woman Has Hit The Wall

The Wall is the point at which a woman loses men’s sexual interest.

Her attractiveness and slim form have diminished, along with the ability she once possessed to persuade men to give her money, their time, and expensive dates.

For women, hitting the Wall is daunting.

In their youth, horny males can be persuaded to do practically anything by the mere suggestion that sex may be discussed.

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The deceitful woman uses impressionable young guys as marionettes.

To acquire what she wants, she will dress indecently, wear short dresses, swish her hips, and make sensual eye contact with males.

She can obtain holidays, material possessions, and even the ultimate sacrifice—marriage—from men thanks to their promises of sex.

In order to live, they must exploit the sexual nature of males against them.

Even supposedly “independent” women take advantage of their attractiveness and sexuality to lead carefree lives.

A typical lady can wink and acquire a job, flirt with the cops to avoid speeding penalties, and pressure friend-blocked SIMPs to fix her car and assist her with her move.

Women are (understandably) frightened when that skill starts to fade.

According to data, single women over 50 have the greatest rates of poverty in the US.

They are much too elderly to ever attract another man because they failed to take advantage of their youth to find a mate they could rely on financially.

All women eventually lose the ability to use males as a means of amusement and gain, but they are never ready for it.

The following are quotes from ladies who are panicking about their grim futures as hoarders, cat owners, and destitute people.

1. Complaining “Where are all the good men?!”

When women get old, around age 30- 35 depending, they realize they can no longer compete with the bright eyes, smooth skin, and shiny hair of younger women.

In a panic, they start scratching around for a bail out, the mild mannered “Good Man”, that she never looked twice at when she was in her prime.

At age 30- 35+, women can’t rely on their beauty to keep a steady stream of sexy rich men around to take her on dates and trips.

The “Nice Guy” is her eject button off of the cock carousel, and into a comfortable life as a suburban housewife.

“Had Her Fun,” she says.

Why women think this is a selling factor for males is beyond me.

The phrase “I’ve had my fun” is understood by all.

She has been used as the town bicycle for the past 20 years.

Attempt to estimate how many miles of dick a 38-year-old lady who has “had her fun” and is “ready to settle down” has gone through.

Although there is nothing even somewhat appealing about that to guys, women daily share this on dating apps.

When I use dating apps, I have the settings for women between the ages of 23 and 29. At least, that’s what I hear.

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2. Bragging About Getting Hit On

Men are continuously seeking to get bedded, thus women are constantly being approached.

From the moment women reach puberty until they lose their attractiveness as they age, this occurs dozens of times per day.

A teenage girl is accustomed to encountering men everywhere she goes, including the mailman, the pizza delivery man, the mall security guard, and others.

She does it frequently throughout the day, much like she checks her phone and visits Instagram.

Unless the male is really “creepy,” by which she just means unconfident and unattractive in her perspective, she doesn’t even bother to bring it up.

When a woman starts boasting about how men are paying attention to her, it’s because the flow of interest has dried up completely.

A woman who boasts about or laments being assaulted wins twice.

The man who catcalled her gave her attention, and by relaying the story, she gets to be the center of attention once more.

3. Dating Younger Men

From puberty, women have been drawn to older males because of their wealth, excellent looks, and social standing.

While disregarding the skinny, pimpled boys her age who ride bikes to school and aren’t physically mature enough to make the football team, freshman high school ladies date upperclassmen with vehicles and social standing.

They won’t date their fellow impoverished interns when they are young women; instead, they will.

Younger males are never noticed by women until they reach a certain age.

Men reach their peak in terms of appearance, social standing, and financial status around the age of 30.

A man in his 30s or 35s is the most assured, attractive, and successful he has ever been. He is now even more appealing to women as a result.

In the blog, I’ve talked about this a lot. See my posts here:

“30 Risky Ideas For Guys In Their Thirties”

“7 Tips to Appear Younger As Men Age”

It’s only natural that many men of this age choose to date younger women.

The younger women are looking for a man with a great automobile, some money for fancy dates, and maturity that she can respect.

Women in their 30s are thus left in the dark.

Guys their age are pursuing 22-year-old girls.

4. Falsely Claiming Men Are “Intimidated” By Her Success

Successful women don’t “intimidate” guys.

Ladies who believe that their work in human resources and their Nissan Altima (with a thanks to Coach Greg Adams) scare men ought to get a grip on reality.

Her unpleasant, opinionated demeanor is what turns guys off, not her Bachelor of Arts in Social Work.

Males “don’t like intellectual women,” it has been said.

It is not true.

Males dislike the nasty, domineering, and masculine beings that women who consider themselves intelligent develop.

No cause exists for a grown man to be “intimidated” by the:

biologically less robust

smaller in size,

more sentimental,

less rational

a woman is an example of a person.

5. Claiming the Wall Doesn’t Exist

The post-wall old lady’s comment that is the most obviously deluded is this one.

Everyone can see that her appearance is deteriorating, and she is losing the capacity to attract men—at least the guys she wants—each day.

The lady is unable to accept this simple fact if she is not married.

Instead, she will contest what both her own and others’ eyes can clearly perceive.

“Guys flirt with me all the time!” she’ll complain. (See #2)

She will lie and say, “I get asked out more in my 40s than I did when I was 20.

Although perverts at the gas station and horny young lads taking their shot don’t really constitute as “men asking her out,” it’s nice to just nod and smile in order to avoid damaging her already tarnished self-image.

Between the ages of 23 and 43, especially in my 30s, I had dated a lot of women.

The advantages of younger women include being prettier, firmer, tighter, and wetter.

I can also respect older ladies, which is a subject I might write on in the future on the blog.

Older women may be more hospitable in bed.

These might make for more engaging conversation.

For men who want to understand women as a whole, understanding elder women is crucial.

Although they won’t say it out loud, elderly women frequently give off the impression that they are aware of the influence they formerly possessed.



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