Monday, September 25, 2023
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Herbert Mensah Launches Bid To Lead Africa Rugby

Rugby Africa, the organization that oversees rugby in Africa, has today received a presidential nomination from Herbert Mensah, a sports executive and the president of the Ghana Rugby Football Union. On March 18, 2023, in Cape Town, Rugby Africa will hold its annual general meeting, at which a new president will be chosen.

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On March 18, 2023, once the executive committee has reported the results, the President will be chosen for a term of four years. Moreover, elections will be held for the first time in Rugby Africa’s existence.

The Nigeria Rugby Football Federation put Mensah forth as a candidate for president. Mensah is a successful businessman with years of expertise in the business and sports sectors in Africa. He is currently a member of the Africa Rugby Executive Committee.

Mensah assumed leadership of the Ghana Rugby Football Union in 2014, where he greatly raised public awareness of the game, infused players and officials with enthusiasm, and promoted rugby among young people through a variety of programs and events. Once the national team won the West Africa competition and advanced to the African championship, he played a key role in advancing them to the World Series.

Mensah’s mission is to establish Rugby Africa as a positive and powerful brand and to increase rugby’s visibility and accessibility among all Africans, especially young people. In terms of member associations’ organizational structures and the growth of the sport’s economy, he wants to see more continental competitions and more support for them.

Less than 30% of rugby players in Africa at the moment are female. The goal of Mensah’s strategic plan is to increase rugby’s popularity and audience while enhancing the profile and reputation of female players and officials and making sure that all organizational structures better reflect the diversity and inclusivity of the game. In terms of administration and sport, he also wants to establish more cohesion between English- and French-speaking nations.

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Mensah stated of his presidential campaign, “I am really humbled to be nominated, and I am amazed by the support from my colleagues and peers. Being given the opportunity to represent Africa on a worldwide stage makes me feel incredibly proud to be an African. African rugby hasn’t always gotten the credit it deserves, so I’m excited about the chance to utilize this platform to bring about real change, inspire more support for rugby throughout the entire African continent, and promote a better understanding of the game on the continent and beyond. If elected, my term as president will be distinguished by dedication to Africa Rugby and the continent’s larger rugby and sports communities.

France will host the 2023 Rugby World Cup from September to October. Mensah aims to work with important international rugby bodies and other associations on this top-notch platform in order to promote African rugby and garner the sport’s much-needed support. For the Olympic Games Paris 2024, rugby will be one of the opening events, and Mensah hopes to see more participation from African countries in the qualifying competitions.



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