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Hearts Of Oak Reports Coach Matic To GFA

Accra Hearts of Oak assert that they haven’t heard anything formal from FIFA over a complaint made by Coach Slavko Matic.

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According to reports, Coach Matic filed a complaint against Hearts with FIFA after being urged to leave by the club’s supporters after a string of defeats in the Ghana Premier League.

An insider told Graphic Sports that after the Serbian manager left the country without informing the team, the club had instead denounced him to the Ghana Football Association (GFA).

“FIFA has not filed any such complaint with us. We have not received any official communication from him, if he has submitted a report to FIFA, the insider said.

The club was taken aback that the coach could simply leave his apartment and fly back to his home nation without informing the hiring authorities, the source claims.

The individual (Matic) never informed us that he was leaving the country, thus in our eyes, he has vanished, and as of right now, we are unsure of his whereabouts.

We sent someone to check on him as soon as we learned he wasn’t in the country, and sure enough, he had already departed the flat. The source hinted, “We were told that his driver transported him to the airport, and the driver has verified it.

According to the source, the club had neither fired him or asked him to leave but did not know the coach’s whereabouts despite numerous inquiries. As a result, the club reportedly questioned how the coach could report Hearts to FIFA when he was the one who had fled.

“Management has issued a statement claiming that they are unaware of the coach’s whereabouts and that he has resigned from his position and left the country.

He was neither fired nor asked to leave, and he departed secretly without informing the club.

The insider claimed that the coach’s underwhelming performance was primarily caused by the fact that he failed to assemble a dependable team but was eager to experiment with the players in an effort to secure them outside contracts.


His issue was that he didn’t have a permanent set because he was more focused on testing the lads and sending them away. You’ll undoubtedly have some hiccups if you do that. He was sent away because of one of the hiccups, the insider said.

The source expressed surprise at the club’s lack of due diligence before hiring the coach and added that after checking his background, the club had now noticed that the Serbian coach never lasted longer than four months wherever he worked.



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