Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Ghanaians Are Very Much Disappointed In Nana Addo… Betty Mould

The Akufo – Addo administration, according to Betty Mould-Iddrisu, Ghana’s first female attorney general, has completely let down the populace.

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She claims that the current economic crisis that many people are experiencing is the result of the government’s carelessness with regard to borrowing and spending.

She claimed that as a result, many Ghanaians were in a state of shock over the current economic hardship they were facing.

“I believe Ghanaians were in a state of shock because they could not understand their circumstances. Even at the worst of times, I must admit, I am proud to be a Ghanaian because I believe we are extraordinary beings who are incredibly kind and have an intrinsic ability to absorb a lot—we have been through a lot.

In a television interview, she stated, “I think everyone can see we have been severely let down by this government.”

The former education minister added that while the government has attributed the economic problem to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, many Ghanaians are aware that it was actually caused by poor economic management.

It’s not Ukraine or something. They should continue with their incorrect and misguided views because no one else believes the story but them.

She stated on Friday, “It’s unfortunate, you know, that as a people we have to go through this.”

Despite Ghanaians’ strong will, she remarked, “it’s a shame that we have to endure even for another year.”

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“The leadership of the country has been horrible even I never thought it could get to this degree,” the former attorney general continued.

Even though the President is a close personal friend, Madam Mould-Iddrisu continued amid laughing, “Every Ghanaian could see that he had lead the country into the pit.”




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