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Ghana Politics Does Not Favour Women… NDC Women’s Organizer

Constituency Women’s Organizer of Okaikoi Central (NDC), Lydia Angel Nutakor, also known as Double Double, has disclosed some challenges that comes with women participation in politics in Ghana.

As one who has been in main stream politics for about 4 years, she mentioned that it is very difficult to be in the frontline of politics especially as a woman.

In an interview with to Eunice Tornyi on Ghana’s African Women’s Voices show, she said, “It’s not easy at all to do politics as a woman in Ghana. It comes with so many challenges and obstacles such as being tagged as a prostitute and even your own fellow woman hating on you”.

She stated that mostly the prostitution tag is given the unmarried women interested in doing politics.

“They assume you sleep with anyone at all, especially the big men in the industry to get you into whichever position you’re in or aspire to be in. This happens mostly when you’re quite close to the big men in question,” she added.

She added that the second obstacle preventing women from doing politics is backbiting.

“Some women are jealous of how you’re treated separately from them whenever you go out so they come together and plan your downfall,” she said.

She emphasized that women are their own enemies. They don’t support each other and are always trying to compete amongst themselves.

“We’re rather supposed to come together so we can move forward together but we don’t. Some women don’t want it that way. They will laugh with you and make you feel like they are for you, whereas they are the same ones bringing you down,” she mentioned.

She advised young people especially women aspiring to be politicians to be humble, respectful and obedient.

“You have to listen to everything those ahead of you tell you, and you also need to be attractive always and argue less,” she advised.



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