Monday, September 25, 2023
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Gays And Lesbians Are Also God’s Children… Pope Francis

Head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis has said gays and lesbians are to be welcomed in Church because they are also God’s children and that God loves all His children

The revered Pope, says, it is very unjust to criminalize same sex marriages and people with such inclinations

The Pope, in a recent interview said, ”Same sex and their related issues can best be described as sins, not crimes” and men of God who shun such people are doing so based on cultural and traditional orientations

The Roman Pontiff urged his Bishops and Priests to treat gays and lesbians with tenderness as God treats all humans with tenderness

The Pope said, Bishops and Priests should have a suitable means of reforming such people rather than pronouncing and treating them as criminals




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