Monday, September 25, 2023
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Former NPP Chairman Cautions Politicians

A former constituency chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Odeneho Kwaku Appiah has cautioned politicians and people in positions of trust to be mindful of how they use their positions while in government.

He wants position holders to be humble because power is transient and equally ephemeral. The former NPP constituency chairman for Kwabre South in the Ashanti Region, who posted the admonition on his Facebook page urged colleague politicians to reflect on when they had no power and make time for their electorate.

Odeneho Kwaku Appiah, who is widely known as COKA, advised politicians against creating permanent enemies for themselves, saying positions are temporal.

He wrote: “Be careful you don’t create permanent enemies with your temporary position because all positions have expiry dates. The constitution, the appointing authority and the votes of the people, make your position temporary. When we are in position, we must be careful not to use it to cause pain in people’s lives”.

The former chairman added that people must be humble in the governance of the country and  explained his position with an experience thus: “I met a former MP at a funeral and where to sit was a problem because there was no chair, even though MPs and ministers were all seated and

there was no place for former appointees.”

COKA indicated that he gave the embattled former MP his seat whilst others were not willing to do so.

COKA reminded his colleagues that at a point when they are not in power, there would be no police escort and they would be compelled under the circumstance to join the queue at a function.

According to him, it might be too late then for one to try to be nice to others after he or she has disrespected or neglected people.

“You choose not to pick your calls, because you have three wives, you chase people’s wives, take people’s property and enjoy the luxuries of life alone while in power. But you may return to your former position before the appointment when you had friends and family”.

Odeneho  Appiah further advised position holders to avail themselves and stop living like demi-gods because life will definitely play back at them someday.

“Today that you are in position, don’t listen to only those around you, make time for those who don’t have access to you because you need different opinions. Anytime your followers start singing praises or giving you names that were not given to you by God, you need to be careful”, he noted.

He, therefore, called on politicians to make themselves available and listen to the “ordinary people” and stop fighting everyone they meet.



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