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Duncan William’s Son Wanted To Marry Me Yet He Thought I Was Demon Possessed- Yvonne Nelson

The intriguing sections of Yvonne Nelson’s autobiography “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson” are still making news on social media.

In the book, she writes of her friendship with Joel Duncan-Williams, the famed preacher’s son and Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams.

In the book, Yvonne Nelson said that in 2009, when she was working on a film set, Joel dropped by the area to see some friends and just so happened to see her.

Joel begged his father, Archbishop Nicolas Duncan-Williams, to exorcise her of demons before they could get married because their bond grew to such a strong point that they were about to get married.

Joel thought that because she is an actress, she definitely carries demonic spirits.

How could a man, seeking to marry me, who had not received my acceptance yet, dare to believe the woman he sought to marry was demon – possessed?’

I the light of the forgoing, I didn’t thank he was matured enough for marriage



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