Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Don’t Save Money At The Bank, Do More Investments…James Korsah-Brown

Financial advisor, James Korsah-Brown, has advised people on what exactly they can invest their money in rather than keeping it in the bank.

Speaking to Nana Yaw Odame on Ghana’s Men’s Lounge show, he said, “You need to invest in the real sector. We are looking at three sectors when it comes to investing. The first is the capital market which looks at bonds, the second is the money market which looks at t-bills and the third and final one is the real sector which looks at doing business”.


Looking at the country’s financial capabilities currently he emphasized that it will not be advisable to work with the first and second sectors but rather the third.

“We all know the issue we’re facing currently in the country so the first two which are capital and bonds is out so what we should be considering is the third which is doing business,” he stated.

Per his observation, for the first time in many years, Ghanaians are actively pursuing agriculture.

“Someone told me recently that he got a Pig for GHc500 and the pig managed to have about 10 piglets and within 3-4 months. The piglets had all grown and he was selling each for Ghc100 and he is doing so well for himself,” he said.

Taking about the costs involved in taking care of the pig and piglets, he furthered that the man mentioned that the cost in feeding them was also very minimal.

“It is not a bad time to invest but know where and what you are investing in. For me, I will entreat people to look at the real economy as that is where business is being positioned. But first, look at the risks before going into businesses,” he advised.



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