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Ghana’s August Inflation Drops To 40.1%


The August inflation rate, as reported by the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS), was 40.1%.

This represents a massive 3.0 percent decrease from the rate seen in July.

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At a press conference on September 13 to reveal the consumer price index (CPI) and rate of inflation, the Service also noted a decline in food inflation from 55.0 percent in July to 51.9 percent in August.

Additionally, non-food inflation decreased from 33.8 to 30.9 percent.

However, there was an increase in inflation for goods made locally, from 37.5 to 42.4 percent.

This element, which reduced Ghana’s inflation, is also responsible for a decrease in import prices, which fell from 45.7% to 36.2%.

Greater Accra Region had the lowest regional inflation rate at 31.8 percent, while North East Region had the highest regional inflation rate at 60.1%.

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Saudi Arabia’s Sports Investments Makes Martial Arts Boom In Middle East


Sports like mixed martial arts (MMA) will experience revolutionary growth and development in the Kingdom and the wider Middle East as Saudi Arabia continues to prioritize investments in non-oil sectors as part of its economic diversification agenda, analysts told Al Arabiya English.

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The Professional Fighters League (PFL), the second-largest and fastest-growing MMA organization, attracted media attention in August when sports investment business SRJ Sports revealed it had made its first investment. In order to increase its geographical influence, the PFL also disclosed that it would establish a new league in the Middle East in 2024.

Sports like mixed martial arts (MMA) will experience revolutionary growth and development in the Kingdom and the wider Middle East as Saudi Arabia continues to prioritize investments in non-oil sectors as part of its economic diversification agenda, analysts told Al Arabiya English.

The Professional Fighters League (PFL), the second-largest and fastest-growing MMA organization, attracted media attention in August when sports investment business SRJ Sports revealed it had made its first investment. In order to increase its geographical influence, the PFL also disclosed that it would establish a new league in the Middle East in 2024.

The Public Investment Fund (PIF) of Saudi Arabia created SRJ Sports in order to promote the sector’s expansion throughout the Middle East and North Africa. According to Sports Executive and Analyst Alwaleed Alkeaid, it indicates a transformative moment for MMA in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the region through its partnership with the PFL.

Beyond the glitz and glamour of high-stakes fights, SRJ’s main goal is to further integrate mixed martial arts (MMA) into Saudi Arabia and the MENA region’s sports culture. This might result in programs that encourage widespread MMA involvement, he said.

Global attention will “undeniably steer” towards Saudi Arabia as it sets itself as a hub for elite MMA showdowns with the Kingdom also scheduled to host the PFL PPV Super Fights, the sports executive claimed.


MMA is one of the most well-liked sports in the world and the one with the fastest growth. The last five years have seen a sharp increase in interest in the sport in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Middle East.

“With MMA being one of the fastest growing sports globally, we have seen an exponential increase in demand and excitement within the Middle East for sports, and then even more specifically for MMA,” said Adam Laitsas, PFL Executive Vice President for International Strategy and Business Operations for the MENA region.

“From a sporting standpoint, the Middle East is most likely the hottest region in the globe right now. The Middle East is currently receiving everything due of the demand from followers.

Providing MMA fans with their own league featuring competitors from the Middle East is a crucial component of the PFL’s ambition for the PFL MENA, according to Laitsas, who spoke to Al Arabiya English.

The practice of viewers from the region tuning in at all hours of the night to see their favorite international fighters duel from another continent has become commonplace. According to the new agreement, SRJ and PFL will collaborate to create and present PFL PPV SUPER FIGHTS mega-events in Saudi Arabia that are catered to local fans.

If you will, we want to create something akin to the Champions League of MMA. Our strategy is to give regional fans access to a league where they can follow the action, where we can create compelling narratives, and where champions and heroes can be developed, according to Laitsas.

“It is essential for us to tap into that ecosystem that exists and produce world champions from that region through partnerships with local powers.”

Khalid al-Rubian, a sports marketing specialist and writer, told Al Arabiya English that dozens of MMA clubs have been established in Saudi Arabia over the years. However, with the monumental debut of PFL MENA, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East will enter a new domain in MMA, which will see the sport become even more competitive and well-liked throughout the region, he added.

The partnership between PFL and SRJ Sports ushers in a fascinating age for the hordes of MMA fans dispersed around the Kingdom and the Middle East, according to Sports Executive Alkeaid.

A standout feature is the pledge to hold PFL PPV Super Fights in Saudi Arabia, giving fans the luxury of watching MMA masters in action without having to travel across borders. The establishment of PFL MENA heightens this excitement by ensuring fans that local competitors would receive greater prominence and perhaps develop into local MMA idols that they can support, said Alkeaid.

“As the PFL expands its reach, the MMA calendar is set to brim with a variety of events, from the regular season to thrilling playoffs and championships, ensuring that fans remain hooked all year long.”

Saudi Arabia’s strategic investment in a variety of sports, from football to mixed martial arts, is a step toward the country’s larger economic diversification objectives set forth in its Vision 2030 plan.

“Sports are the most effective means Saudi Arabia has found to restructure and build its economy. Sports marketing expert and author Khalid al-Rubian told Al Arabiya English that investing in sports tenfold increases the likelihood that the Kingdom would accomplish its objectives.

You may communicate at the highest levels through sports. The Kingdom’s Vision 2030 objectives include a minor but crucial portion on sports investment in Saudi Arabia.

Al-Rubian noted that the Kingdom has placed significant emphasis on the need to serve the needs and interests of its greatest demographic, which comprises about 70 percent of Saudi nationals under the age of 30.

Male and female mass engagement in sports has surged, from 13% in 2015 to around 50% in 2022. In the meanwhile, Saudi Arabia already has over 95 sports federations, up from 32 in 2015, indicating possibilities for investment.

Alkeaid asserts that Saudi Arabia is actively working to diversify its economic sources and lessen its reliance on oil revenues by increasing the size of the sports market from its value of $5.75 billion (SAR 21.6 billion) in 2022 to an ambitious target of $22.2 billion (SAR 83.33 billion) by 2030.

Its continued investments in many sports sectors also support its objective of increasing sports’ non-oil GDP contribution to 3%.

Sports investments are anticipated to “create a ripple effect in terms of job opportunities,” in addition to the direct cash benefit, he said.

Alkeaid continued, “There is clear evidence of the employment-generation potential of such investments,” with a goal to create up to 100,000 job possibilities inside the sports industry.

Al-Rubian stated to Al Arabiya English that the PIF’s move to purchase a sizable portion of four significant Saudi football teams would have the most domestic impact on Saudi youth employment chances.

“There will be 30,000 to 40,000 jobs created in just the first two years, which is a great indicator of the Kingdom’s continued investment and support for the youth and their employment,” he stated at the time.

The Kingdom will likely meet its employment goal by making investments in other sports in addition to football, and it may even achieve this goal before 2030.

Alkeaid added that the Kingdom is laying the groundwork for innovation and private-public partnerships that can broaden the reach and impact of sports in the nation by aiming for a 30% contribution from the private sector to the sports domain.

Last but not least, he added, holding international sporting events like MMA contests will necessitate state-of-the-art infrastructure improvements.

This not only improves the nation’s sporting infrastructure but also opens up lucrative sports tourism opportunities, which helps the Kingdom’s economy even more,” the sports executive stated.

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Apple Releases Iphone15 Promising Exciting Features


Apple has officially announced its most recent iPhone lineup, promising a slew of ground-breaking features and improvements that are guaranteed to enthrall tech aficionados everywhere.

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With its ground-breaking “Dynamic Island” technology, the iPhone 15, the standard model, leads the push and is intended to revolutionize user interaction. Users can enjoy a vivid and immersive visual experience thanks to this and the Super Retina XDR display using OLED technology. The smartphone comes in two sizes: a small 6.1-inch model and a larger 6.7-inch model for people who prefer a larger screen.

Apple continues to deliver on its all-day battery life promise despite these improvements.

The second-generation Ultra Wideband processor offers improved user experiences through quicker connectivity and more accurate position monitoring.

The iPhone 15 also includes a more sophisticated machine learning model that by default prioritizes voice commands and interactions for a seamless user experience.

Along with giving travelers with peace of mind, Apple is also introducing roadside help through satellite in collaboration with AAA.

Apple is switching to USB Type-C for communication and provides a flexible USB-C cable that can be used to charge Macs, iPads, iPhones, and even the second-generation AirPods Pro.

The iPhone 15 will also work with the MagSafe charger for quick and effective wireless charging.

A USB-C charging case for AirPods models is being introduced by Apple as part of a surprise announcement, improving the charging experience for users of these well-liked wireless earbuds.

With the iPhone 15 starting at a reasonable $799 and the iPhone 15 Plus at $899, a wide variety of consumers will be able to experience these cutting-edge gadgets.

The iPhone 15 Pro variants are expected to change what is possible with smartphones. These gorgeous titanium-built gadgets come in two sizes (6.1 inches for the iPhone 15 Pro and 6.7 inches for the iPhone 15 Pro Max) and include the Super Retina XDR display in addition to an action button that can be customized. An added convenience for users is a standby screen feature.


Peak performance is promised by the A17 Pro processor and a powerful GPU, while smooth connectivity is ensured by the USB-C port.

The iPhone 15 Pro has a cutting-edge 48-megapixel main camera with shooting options in 24, 28, and 35 mm, making it ideal for photographers. A fantastic 5X optical zoom is available with the iPhone 15 Pro Max. It also allows for the direct recording of Pro Res video to an external storage drive, which is a dream for content producers.

Apple is also launching Log Encoding for expert video capture, aiming to please both photographers and filmmakers.

Offering users premium features and performance, the iPhone 15 Pro Max starts at $1199 while the iPhone 15 Pro starts at $999.

Apple is releasing EarPods (USB-C) for $19 as the final piece of the puzzle, giving people a handy audio option. It is immediately available for purchase.

The September 22 release date for the iPhone 15 is set. Pre-orders for the new Apple Series 9 Watch and the iPhone 15 are anticipated to go live soon.

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Rubiales, Spanish FA Boss Resigns


Following criticism for kissing Spain player Jenni Hermoso during the Women’s World Cup final presentation ceremony, Luis Rubiales has resigned as head of the Spanish Football Federation.

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Hermoso, 33, said the kiss after Spain defeated England was not voluntary and on Tuesday she launched a lawsuit.

In a statement, Rubiales said he had given the federation’s acting president Pedro Rocha notice of his resignation.

He said to Piers Morgan on his television program that “I cannot continue my work.”

Additionally, the 46-year-old quit his job as vice-president of the Uefa executive committee.

Spain’s World Cup victory has been overshadowed by the aftermath from the kiss in recent weeks, with Rubiales defying repeated calls for his resignation.

Following Hermoso’s testimony on Tuesday, a prosecutor complained against Rubiales to Spain’s supreme court on Friday for sexual assault and coercion.

Despite Rubiales’ claims that the kiss was “mutual and “consensual,” Fifa has temporarily barred him from sport.

According to Rubiales’ statement, “I will not be able to return to my position after the swift suspension carried out by Fifa, plus the other open proceedings against me.”

“Insisting on waiting and holding on is not going to contribute to anything positive, neither for the federation nor for Spanish football.”

Rubiales expressed his optimism that his resignation will strengthen Spain’s joint candidacy to host the 2030 World Cup with Portugal, Morocco, and Morocco.

I believe in the truth, and I will do all in my power to win, he continued.

The impacts of extreme persecution and numerous lies have been felt by my girls, my family, and those I love, but it is also true that the truth is prevailing on the street more and more every day.

While Rubiales was in charge, 81 Spain players, including all 23 World Cup champions, declared they would not compete for their country again.

As a result of the incident, Rubiales’ close buddy and World Cup-winning manager Jorge Vilda was fired on September 5. Montse Tome was appointed as Vilda’s replacement.

While demonstrators gathered at the federation’s headquarters last month to demand Rubiales’ resignation, politicians, football players, and celebrities have all spoken out against him.

Yolanda Diaz, the temporary minister of labor for Spain, wrote on X (previously Twitter): “The feminist country is progressing more and more.

Life must change and get better, that much is certain. Jenni, we stand by you and all females.

The minister of equality in Spain, Irene Montero, continued, “It’s over.”

When Morgan questioned Rubiales about what ultimately prompted him to resign, Rubiales replied that he talked to his family and sought out friends’ opinions.

The individuals who are closest to me told me, “Luis, you need to focus on your dignity and to continue your life because if not, you are going to harm people you love and the sport you love,” Rubiales said. “I spoke with my father, my daughters, they know it’s not a question about me.”

“This wasn’t just a question for me. An attitude toward me can have an impact on highly important third parties. I had to do it because it was the smart thing to do.

Hermoso was given a warm welcome by Pachuca fans and teammates on Sunday before their 2-1 victory over Pumas in the Liga MX women’s league in Mexico.

The 33-year-old received a framed jersey bearing her number 10 and revealed a painting on the Hidalgo Stadium walls honoring her accomplishments with Spain in the Women’s World Cup.

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Nana Addo To Mahama: Stop Attacking The Judiciary

nana addo

John Dramani Mahama, the National Democratic Congress’s (NDC) 2024 presidential candidate, has received harsh criticism from President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for his recent attack on the judiciary.

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The attack, according to President Akufo-Addo, is “extremely dangerous” for the independence of the court.

Thus, he urged Ghanaians to oppose the former President’s attempt for reelection in 2024.

He stated, “Not only are these concepts of ‘NPP’ and ‘NDC’ judges new in our public discourse, but they are also extremely dangerous,” on September 11 at the 23rd Ghana Bar Association Annual Conference in Cape Coast.

And are the most blatant assault on the judiciary’s independence by any ostensibly responsible politician of the Fourth Republic.

“They give yet another reason, if more were needed, why right-thinking citizens should ensure the demise in 2024 of the man who the first Special Prosecutor identified as Government Official No. 1 in the still open Airbus Bribery Scandal,” the author writes.

This follows former president Mahama’s weekend call for NDC-aligned attorneys to prepare for bench appointments in order to “balance out what the current situation is.”

On Saturday, September 2, the three-time presidential candidate made a speech at the NDC’s third annual lawyers conference, accusing President Akufo-Addo of selecting the most judges.

“You can see what the current president has done,” he said.

“He has appointed the most judges to the bench—more than 80, with 100 more on the way.

He has the court crowded, and we can infer that they are trying to evade responsibility once they leave office by doing so.

Therefore, he gave the NDC lawyers instructions to get ready for similar appointments when he returns to the president.

“In order to balance the court, we NDC legal professionals must be ready to serve on the bench as well.

The government has a deliberate policy of appointing its people to the bench, therefore the judiciary is currently stacked with justices that lean toward the NPP.

Therefore, I urge a few of you to consider bench positions so that we can balance out the current situation.

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Madina Pentecost Hospital Gets €27,000 Equipment From Jospong, GIZ


The Pentecost Hospital in Madina, in the Greater Accra Region, has received laboratory equipment worth approximately €27,000 (equal to GHS 317,000.00), thanks to the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) and Appointed Time, a subsidiary of the Jospong Group of Companies.

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The donation was made in response to a request from the hospital’s administration to help fulfill the rising demand for services from patients who are using the facility on a regular basis.

The Chief Corporate Communication Officer at the Jospong Group of Companies, Madam Sophia Kudjordji, presented the equipment to the hospital on behalf of GIZ and Jospong Group, explaining that the donation was made to assist management in addressing the burden on the facility.

20 thermometers were individually delivered to Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyapong, executive chairman of the Jospong Group, according to Madam Kudjordji. He then added them to the other gifts that were given.

Madam Kudjordj added, “We are here with our colleagues from GIZ this afternoon to give this presentation and we hope that this will help management in taking care of their portion of the numerous challenges many hospitals are facing due to lack of resources.”

We hope that this widow’s mite will help you overcome some of your difficulties, she continued.

Ph meters, urine analyzers, water baths, water distillers, vein finders, Coombs machines, and microscope-eyepieces are a few of the donated pieces of equipment.

The remaining items are glassware kits, centrifuges, roller hematology 5 parts, and micropipettes.

Apostle Dr. Edward Arko Kwarteng, the facility’s medical director, accepted the items on behalf of the organization and declared that the equipment will support management efforts in managing routine laboratory tasks.

“We are grateful for these supplies and want to reassure you and GIZ that management will use them effectively.

We also have faith that there will be a maintenance connection following the donation, including the provision of reagents, so that these machines can live long lives and benefit the community, said Dr. Kwarteng.

Appstle Dr. Kwarteng thanked GIZ and the Jospong Group for the donation on behalf of the hospital’s management and Board and requested more cooperation.

Pastor Daniel Danso, the group’s chaplain, Thomas Korley, the head of the Zoomlion foundation, and other Jospong Group executives attended the ceremony.

Prior to the gift to the Pentecost Hospital, GIZ and the Jospong Group made a similar gesture in the Eastern Region’s Yilo Krobo District. Both donations totaled €70,000, or GHS 860,116.99.

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IGP To Submit Himself To Atta Akyea Committee Tomorrow


The chairman of the parliamentary ad-hoc committee, Samuel Atta Akyea, recently provided an update on the investigation into the reported conspiracy to depose the Inspector General of Police (IGP), noting that Dr. George Akuffo Dampare, the IGP, has been called to testify before the committee on Tuesday, September 12.

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This invitation is intended to provide the IGP with the chance to explain his side of the events in light of the significant accusations that have been made against him, including the staging of the tape and the subsequent disclosure.

The officers who have already testified before the committee, Chief Daniel Bugri Naabu, Supt. George L. Asare, (COP) George Alex Mensah, and Supt. Emmanuel Eric Gyebi, will also appear again on Tuesday accompanied by their respective attorneys.

In order to protect sensitive material that can endanger national security from being made public, Chairman Atta Akyea has emphasized that the hearing will be held in secret.

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Some significant accusations have been made in public, but the details of those accusations have not been made public, he continued. That is to say, we will investigate the evidence that supports such claims, therefore we will use our judgment about which piece of information we release to the public without endangering national security.

Additionally, the chairman made it clear that the committee had no plans to remove the present IGP or name a new one.
He emphasized once more that the essential goal is to make sure that the IGP receives a fair trial and a chance to vindicate his name.

When questioned about when the hearing would be made public, Chairman Atta Akyea suggested a three-hour wait.

He said, “I think that when the public needs to enter the area, why not? But we have to keep the public out when it is alarming that what is happening is bad for national security.

The committee’s chairman, Atta Akyea, concluded by expressing his confidence that the IGP would accept the invitation to attend the hearing. He highlighted his opinion that the IGP would want to take advantage of the chance to defend his reputation.

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Sarkodie’s Wife, Tracy, Inspires Ghanaian Youths


The Brave Foundation and Re-Think Investment have teamed up to host the National Youth Investment Conference. The Brave Foundation is led by Mrs. Tracy Owusu-Addo, a well-known social entrepreneur and proponent of financial literacy.

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Project Brave, an organization devoted to connecting, motivating, and empowering Ghanaian adolescents through useful training and economic advocacy, organized the partnership.

The conference’s theme was “Knowledge, Income, Impact,” and it was held on August 26, 2023, at the Prof. Kofi Anyidoho Auditorium on the UHAS campus. The event’s goal was to educate the young attendees on important topics including entrepreneurship, investment, and economics

The speakers at the event came from a variety of entrepreneurial backgrounds. Hon. Okudzeto Ablakwa, a member of parliament for North Tongu, Eric Gershon Akoto of Hubtel, and Victor Ahinasi of We Connect Consult were among others who imparted their wisdom.

Their collective experience underscored the critical part that financial literacy plays in both individual and communal development.

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The event included interactive keynote sessions, panel discussions moderated by subject-matter experts, and topic-specific breakout sessions lead by subject-matter experts.

Topics included investment banking, real estate, and technology, giving attendees plenty of networking chances in a casual atmosphere.

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Alan Cash Denies Ever Endorsing Bawumia


The reports of endorsement, according to Owusu, were an effort by Nana Akufo-Addo and Bawumia to win support after their claimed activities had harmed the party. He also indicated that Alan Kyerematen would address the nation shortly and outline his political aspirations for Ghana.

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It should be noted that on September 5, 2023, Alan Kyerematen declared his intention to retire from the election for NPP Flagbearer.

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The former Trade and Industry Minister justified his choice by pointing to his agents’ intimidation. In addition, Kyerematen raised worry about the Special Delegates Conference, saying it was unjustly slanted in favor of one particular candidate.

These changes will undoubtedly affect the dynamics inside the NPP as the November 4, 2023 presidential election draws near. The way the candidates handle these situations and whether any additional endorsements or withdrawals take place in the coming days will be widely watched by voters and party members.

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Morocco Hit By Massive Earthquake; AFCON Qualifier Postponed


The Moroccan Football Federation announced in a statement that the significant earthquake that struck Morocco has forced the postponement of the Morocco vs. Liberia Africa Cup of Nations qualification match.

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At the Stade d’Agadir in Agadir, Morocco, the final round of qualifiers for the African Cup of Nations finals was scheduled to feature matches between Morocco and Liberia. No time for a makeup was specified.

Morocco’s remarkable performance at the FIFA World Cup 2022 smashed records and received plaudits from all over the world.

According to Morocco’s state TV channel Al Aoula, which cited the interior ministry, the number of fatalities from the earthquake in Morocco has increased to 1,037, while more than 1,000 additional people have been hurt.

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721 individuals, according to the ministry, are in critical condition.

The earthquake is the deadliest to have struck Morocco in years.

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