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Clyde The Mascot Of Discord Transformed Into An OpenAI Chatbot

With the introduction of Clyde, a new conversational AI, Discord is expanding its AI capabilities.

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A wide range of new AI tools and experiments, including an updated chatbot powered by OpenAI, were introduced by the well-known chat platform Clyde on Thursday, along with the announcement of Clyde’s AI makeover.

Discord has emerged as a go-to place for folks wishing to have group talks about subjects like gaming, pets, anime, coding, and other intellectual activities, even if you don’t use it frequently or at all. Every month, 150 million individuals chat on Discord, according to the company.

It’s also developed into a significant hub for the production of AI content, with Discord reporting that 30M people experience AI apps on the network each month.

While the DALL-E 2 AI image generating tool from OpenAI is already widely known, Discord users have been using Midjourney’s generative AI image tools for just as long. The community enhancement in Discord that centers on the creation of AI content, though, is what sets it apart.

Discord offers “AI at your fingertips, together,” as CEO Jason Citron put it on Tuesday.

The OpenAI-enhanced Clyde is being released by Discord as a free public experiment starting next week.

Clyde uses OpenAI’s big language model to converse, similar to Bing’s new Chatbot. When Clyde is invoked, you can choose to use him on your server and in your group. After that, you can start asking him questions much like you would with ChatGPT.

The distinction is that Clyde must be aware of group conversation dynamics because it functions in the chat environment of Discord. Clyde won’t just jump into a group chat and start talking, but he will be able to participate if it is mentioned. Clyde behaves like a genuine Discord user and has the ability to respond with GIFs and emojis (ChatGPT in Bing can use emojis, but not GIFs).

Clyde can conduct research to resolve a conflict or provide a hand on the team project. Admins can quickly disable Clyde, just like they can with anything else on Discord.

Discord’s Citron stated before the announcements that they work hard to make all of this possible “in a safe and trustworthy environment,” despite the fact that we have witnessed a lot of AI chatbot abuse.

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Other AI research

In addition to conversation, Discord is actively integrating AI capabilities across the entire platform. Many of these features will be available as restricted experiments starting next week.

Discord is improving its AutoMod tool, which already employs preset keywords to aggressively block content from group chats, to aid server administrators. This new version of AutoMod leverages AI to take proactive moderation a step further.

For instance, if you stated in your group chat that the group forbade self-promotion or discussion of subjects other than the primary one, which might be sailboats, AutoMod AI might utilize that post to remove messages that flouted the guidelines. Even if the post is written in another language, it still manages to do it.

Since nobody can spend their entire day monitoring Discord chats, which are frequently fairly active, Discord has added a Conversations Summary Experiment. As the name implies, it can look back earlier Discord chats with a prompt to reveal who was conversing and the context of every message.

You can ask the AI to summarize the prior chat activity to determine what event was being discussed and whether you wish to go, for instance, if someone asks you whether you’re coming to “the event on Saturday” at the end of a lengthy chat.

We also got a sneak peek at a few intriguing AI products, one geared toward productivity and the other purely for fun.

The Avatar Remix App enables you to use a prompt to update a group member’s avatar using generative images. Discord demonstrated how it was simple to add a mustache and a birthday cap on two different avatar images. The result is quite smart and realistic. Certainly, there may be some concern about picture exploitation here, but at least the tool can only be used on members of your group who have opted in.

In order to allow developers to fork, mix, and enhance the Remix code, Discord aims to publish the open-source code on GitHub.

A powerful-looking new integrated Whiteboard with AI is also available. It will be the first public, interactive whiteboard in Discord. With the AI integration, you can create expressive, rich graphics with just a few simple sketches and text cues. With these AI image-generation tools, Discord believes it can “address the blank canvas syndrome” that many users experience.

But you have to be on Discord to test out any of these AIs. That entails creating an account, signing up for a server, and either locating existing groups or creating new ones. Discord isn’t difficult, but it might be daunting for newcomers. Nonetheless, you could be motivated to give it a shot by these fascinating tools.



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