Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Breaking News: Brazilian Footballer Dani Alves Jailed Over Rape Allegations

Brazilian International and former Barcelona player, Dani Alves, has been sentenced to jail by the examining magistrate of Barcelona’s court without recourse to a bail

The Brazilian football superstar is currently facing rape allegations from a woman, who claims, the footballer sexually took advantage of her at a local night club bathroom during the past christmas festivities

His wife has since jumped to his defense and the accused has also mounted a spirited defense of same

The footballer returned to Spain last Friday from Mexico to play for his new club Pumas but was arrested by the Catalan Police and made to write his version of what actually happened

The Public Prosecutor’s office as well as prosecution exercised by the complainant, were upheld by the magistrate presiding over the case and the football legend is to spend the coming days in the coolers

Since the allegations of rape case came to light, the football superstar has lost several sponsorship deals and his former club, Barcelona, has distance themselves from the player



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