Monday, September 25, 2023
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Bishop Charles Agyinasare Weeps Over His Ghc 106,000 Investment

Head Pastor of the Perez Chapel International, Bishop Charles Agyinasare has lamented on the current state of financial challenges facing the popular masses in the country

The head pastor told his congregation, that his Ghc 106,000 investment in a bond instrument with a notable financial institution, is in tatters

According to the respected man of God, he is not able to assess his funds, after several attempts to retrieve same

The Bishop of the Perez Chapel told his audience, that the notable financial institution informed him that his investment of Ghc 106,000 can be paid him within a 106 week period, and even that, its a consideration of his standing as a respected man of God

Bishop Charles Agyinasare said he weeps for people who are not up to his status in society who may have to endure the brunt of this new financial payment structure and prayed for such persons

Private and individual bond holders in the country are currently up in arms regarding a decision by the ruling government, to provide what it terms as a haircut regarding the payment of interests as well as principals to bond holders

Convenor of the individual bond holders, Senyo Hosi, has said, they stand to loose about 88% of their investments if government does not exclude individual bond holders



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