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Bawumia Pledges 10 Appointments Per Constituency If Voted In 2024

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Vice President Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia, who is a candidate for the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) flagbearer position, has admitted that there is severe conflict between the party’s grassroots and party members holding positions in the administration over absolute neglect.

He claimed that this has discouraged the party’s grassroots supporters from giving all they have to the party’s efforts leading up to the elections of 2024.

He claimed that this has discouraged the party’s grassroots supporters from giving all they have to the party’s efforts leading up to the elections of 2024.

As part of his 11-day campaign across all 47 constituencies in the Ashanti region, the Vice President made the revelation while speaking to hundreds of party delegates at the Suame Constituency.

The Vice President questioned why party members who are happy carrying out grassroots efforts for the party at the polling place, constituency, and regional levels must grumble about job possibilities and other small support.



If he is chosen as the flagbearer and wins the 2024 elections, the party made a mistake in the roughly 7000 selections made by the presidency, according to the flagbearer candidate who claims to care about the grass-roots delegates and other party members.

“My first vision for this constituency is that, if you choose me to represent the NPP and, together with your assistance, we win the elections in 2024, I will give the constituency executive the chance to propose 10 candidates for government appointments. The duty of caring for you, the delegates, will fall to the Ten people,” he stated.

He emphasized once more that “each constituency will be assigned an appointee who will be assigned the political role of Constituency Godfather and mother role to sponsor the party activities there”.

Due to a lack of information on the status of party delegates and other grassroots members, Dr. Bawumia raised concern about the lack of communication between the party and national executives and their inability to identify strengths and weaknesses.

“If you choose to support me and we are successful in the general elections of 2024, we will perform in-depth study to document the position of our members, especially the delegates, in order to determine the amount of support that can be provided to each of them at any given time. Without data, the party won’t be aware of your fundamental demands, regretted the speaker.

In Suame, the Vice President urged delegates to vote, saying, “I believe if you give people the opportunities they will thrive. When I was studying overseas, I once worked as a taxi driver. I have gone through the motions of life to pay for my education, and because of my upbringing, I have worked as a cleaner in the past. Your welfare will therefore be my first priority if I are elected President.

I have more experience than all of the other 10 candidates running for the Flagbearer position, he continued. Two general elections I’ve won, two I’ve lost. I’ve served as vice president for 8 years, making me the ideal candidate to lead the NPP in ending the 8.

“More than anyone, I have given up for the NPP. When I quit my work to join the party, I was collecting Pink Sheets election 2012 Supreme Court case petition when I almost perished in an accident. When the party needed them the most, those who said it was their turn to lead it failed to defend it because they were only concerned with securing their political future.

In light of the role he played up north in the 2020 election, he pleaded with the delegates to take into account his contribution to the party in driving the NDC out of the Northern area, which had formerly been their pride zone.

“The Northern region was formerly a politically secure area for the NDC, but because they possess 9 parliamentary seats and we hold 9 as well, the region is no longer the NDC’s stronghold. This is as a result of my ability to dispel all of their propaganda against the NPP. Among the potential presidential candidates, the NDC is afraid of only one member of the NPP: Me

He said, “My father is the father of 17 children, 11 of whom are Christians and the rest are Muslims. There is nothing to worry about because I have lived around Christians at home and at school since I was a young child.

He advised the NPP delegates to disregard anyone who asserted they had money and could win with it.

The NPP and Ghana are searching for a leader who is imaginative and full of ideas to advance national development, not one who has money.



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