Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Attorney General Wins Best Minister Award Again

Godfred Yeboah Dame, the Attorney General and Minister for Justice, has once again been named the best-performing Minister for his exceptional work over the previous year.

The prize is given by the research organization FAKS Investigative Service, which also considers public feedback, ministry and agency evaluations, information from regional coordination councils, and a survey on the performance of ministers, deputy ministers, and regional ministers (RCCs).

The yearly award, given by FAKS Investigative Services following a poll, evaluates ministers’ efforts over the course of a year in terms of their contributions to the advancement of the country.

The yearly poll evaluates the effectiveness of the country’s Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of State-Owned Companies and Members of Parliament (MPs).

Ghanaians have the chance to judge the effectiveness of the various government appointees over the course of the past year through the poll.

When giving Mr. Dame a plaque, Yaw Sarpong, head of FAKS Investigative Services, stated that the Attorney General was chosen as a consequence of his donations of 91 vehicles to various organizations under his Ministry, the establishment of the Legal Aid Commission Fund, and the Law Reform Commission.

He claimed that another factor in the choice of the AG was Ghana’s victory at the Norway Court of Appeal in a lawsuit brought by Messrs. Jongsbru AS against the nation.

The award, Mr. Sarpong continued, is intended to motivate Mr. Dame to expand on his contribution to the nation from the previous year.

The Attorney General thanked his office’s dedicated personnel for helping to keep the ministry running as he accepted the award, crediting them with his accomplishment.

“Very shocked because I earned a comparable prize last year, and I had no idea that there would be a repeat, as Ministers frequently put in strong performances in this field. Hence, it is rather humbling for us to constantly be rated as one of the finest by our peers, the AG added.

The honor, Mr. Dame said, “will urge me on to do more as the Attorney General and Minister of Justice,” and he added that it will serve as a reminder for the Ministry to do more. If we win this prize, it will be encouraging for me since the AG cannot be frightened of the people.



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