Thursday, September 21, 2023
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At San Diego, 2 Boats capsize, Leaving 8 People Dead

Two fishing boats capsized off the coast of San Diego, California, on Sunday, leaving at least eight persons dead, according to rescue personnel.

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According to a statement from San Diego Fire-Rescue, a search and recovery effort got underway late on Saturday night after the department received complaints regarding fishing boats in trouble off San Diego’s Black’s Beach.

According to the statement, a 911 caller claimed to have been in a fishing boat with eight other people that had managed to reach land but that another boat with between eight and ten persons on board had capsized.

As emergency responders from the fire department, San Diego Police, US Customs and Border Protection, and US Coast Guard arrived on the scene, they discovered two overturned panga fishing boats and dead victims scattered across a 400-yard radius (366 meters).


According to the statement, crews discovered eight bodies, and several agencies were still conducting searches on Sunday morning.

Later on Sunday, authorities were anticipated to provide an update on the situation.



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