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Amazon Boss, Jeff Bezos Marries Sanchez

According to a number of media reports on Tuesday, millionaire philanthropist and founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos proposed to Lauren Sanchez and the two are now engaged.

According to a Page Six article, Sanchez, a former broadcast journalist, and Bezos were last seen together in France during the Cannes film festival, but no engagement ring was visible there.

However, according to the same article, Bezos, 59, proposed to Sanchez, 53, while the two were sailing the Mediterranean on his brand-new, $500 million yacht.

The article reportedly stated that the heart-shaped diamond on the engagement ring was 20 carats, citing a jeweler.

While Sanchez was still with her 13-year ex-husband Patrick Whitesell and Bezos was still married to MacKenzie Scott, the two were reportedly having an affair in 2019.

According to earlier reports, the two spouses were buddies and frequently got together. After news of the affair broke, including proof of their private texts, Sanchez and Whitesell broke up.

While Sanchez has three children—two with Whitesell and one with former NFL player Tony Gonzalez—Bezos has four children with his first wife.

Mackenzie was awarded a $35.6 billion settlement, of which more than half would be donated to charity. In 2022, she divorced and wedded a teacher.



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