Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Adamus Resources Maintains Angela Is Still Their CEO

The Board of Directors of Adamus Resource Limited have rebuffed as complete falsehool a story in the media under the headline: “Angela List removed as CEO of Adamus Resources.” 

We state unequivocally that Angela List is the CEO of Adamus Resource Limited and any such story is false. We are by this statement warning all media outlets to desist from allowing their platforms to be used to undermine this wholly owned Ghanaian mining company,” the Board of Directors stated.

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In a statement dated 6th February and signed by the directors on behalf of the Board Chairperson, the company said it was “… investigating the source of such a mischievous story and has instructed its lawyers to commence legal action against any such persons when its investigations are finalised. Such faceless persons will soon be exposed and the appropriate legal action will be taken against them.”

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Excerpts of the statement read that: the Supreme Court of Western Australia has not made any determination on the control of Adamus Resources Ltd as (a) no such matter has come before the court in Western Australia; and (b) it is not within the jurisdiction or power of the Australian Court to make any such determination over the control or ownership of a Ghanaian mining company. 

The dispute in Australia was only about the removal of one, Allan Morrison as a director and secretary of Adamus Resources Pty Limited (an Australian Company), and whether the removal was validly done. 

The said director was removed because he had failed to perform his duties, being failure to file accounts and tax returns on behalf of the company over the last 5 years as well as his failure to act in the best interest of the company.

The court in Australia has not made any pronouncement on the ownership of Adamus Resources Ltd (Ghana) or the ownership and control of Adamus Australia, since those issues were not in contention before the court. Thus, any reference to such a judgment/determination is false and should be ignored.



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