Monday, September 25, 2023
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4 Kenya Christians Die While Waiting On The Lord

Four Kenyans were found dead on Thursday, April 14, 2023, and nearly a dozen others were taken to the hospital in the country’s coastal Kilifi County after being rescued while awaiting the arrival of the Son of God.

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The four worshipers were allegedly discovered by the police after being told by a man of God to fast while “waiting to meet Jesus” in a forest where they had been residing for a number of days.

Six of the 11 people who were saved by the police, six of whom were critically ill and malnourished, the police highlighted.

After hearing that other people from the group were still in the forest, the authorities announced that they would start looking again tomorrow morning.

According to reports, police discovered a fresh in the woodland, which will be looked into on Friday.

The four people attend the Good News International Church, which is run by a local cleric who is currently in police detention for reportedly inciting his followers to starve to death so they can get to paradise more quickly.

The pastor was charged last month for the deaths of two toddlers whose parents are among his followers. He is presently free on police bail.



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