Monday, September 25, 2023
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11 Accra Metropolitan Assembly Members Want Elizabeth Sackey Sacked

Eleven Assembly Members of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) are calling for the dismissal of Elizabeth Sackey, the metropolitan chief executive.

They have asked Alfred Asiedu Adjei, alias Paa Joe, the AMA’s presiding member, to move a vote of no confidence against the Chief Executive.

The eleven petitioners for the resolution criticized the mayor for failing to complete any notable initiatives despite serving as mayor of Accra for more than a year.

They also charge her of abandoning unfinished Metropolis projects initiated by her predecessors, employing coercion and threats, violating procurement laws, and nepotism, among other things.

The Presiding Member commented on the resolution and emphasized that even while the petition is against the mayor, who is both

“When the presiding member receives a petition, they have seven days to react to it before calling a meeting of the assembly to form a committee to investigate all the concerns stated. I am calling for an emergency assembly meeting on Monday because, according to natural justice, we must also offer the Chief Executive the chance to address the accusations that have been made in person. He said as much on 3FM.

He applauded the petitioners for resolving their issues through the assembly’s process rather than taking to the streets.



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